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Date : Jun 20, 2011
Smt. Shyamala Gopinath lays down office as Deputy Governor

Smt. Shyamala Gopinath, Deputy Governor relinquished the office of Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India in the forenoon today. Smt. Gopinath was appointed Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India on September 21, 2004 for a period of five years. On completion of her term, she was re-appointed for a further period up to June 20, 2011.

Consequent to Smt. Gopinath's laying down of office, the portfolios of the Deputy Governors have been redistributed as under:

Dr. K.C. Chakrabarty : 1. Central Security Cell
                                 2. Customer Service Department
                                 3. Department of Administration and Personnel Management
                                 4. Department of Banking Supervision                                                
                                 5. Department of Currency Management
                                 6. Department of Payment and Settlement Systems
                                 7. Financial Stability Unit
                                 8. Human Resources Development Department
                                 9. Rural Planning and Credit Department
                                10. Secretary's Department
                                11. Coordination Work

Dr. Subir Gokarn         1. Department of Communication
                                 2. Financial Markets Department
                                 3. Department of Economic and Policy Research
                                 4. Department of External Investment & Operations
                                 5. Department of Government and Bank Accounts
                                 6. Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
                                 7. Department of Statistics and Information Management
                                 8. Monetary Policy Department
                                 9. Rajbhasha Department
                                10. Right to Information (RIA)

Shri Anand Sinha       1. Department of Banking Operations and Development
                                2. Department of Expenditure and Budgetary Control
                                3. Department of Information Technology
                                4. Department of Non-Banking Supervision
                                5. Foreign Exchange Department
                                6. Inspection Department
                                7. Internal Debt Management Department
                                8. Legal Department
                                9. Premises Department
                              10. Urban Banks Department

Alpana Killawala
Chief General Manager

Press Release : 2010-2011/1847

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