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Date : Jan 07, 2019
Clarifications - EoI for Development of Mechanism-Device for Identification of Denomination of Indian Banknotes

Clarifications dated January 11, 2019

Clarifications dated January 09, 2019


EoI for Development of Mechanism-Device for Identification of Denomination of Indian Banknotes

Queries raised and Clarifications given

Sr. Query Reply/ Clarification
01 Section 2 (iii) Rs 5 has now been coinized, is the old Rs 5 note out of scope or in-scope? The solution should be able to identify all valid legal tenders, including Rs. 5 banknotes.
02 Mobile operating systems, solution is required for both Android and iOS both or only Android? You may indicate the solution that you possess (have developed) or are capable of developing.
03 Section 3 (1 - a) Additional light source should not be required?

If the solution is software on mobile - flashlight of mobile could be used?
Flash light of mobile can be considered as part of software only solution. As not all mobiles contain flashlight and they also vary in luminescence, if your software uses flashlight at low ambient light it should clearly specify when you need flashlight (in terms of ambient light conditions) and what accuracy you get with use of flashlight
04 Hardware: What is the role of RBI if the solution is hardware?

Is RBI going to procure a number of hardware and distribute to visually impaired people on a yearly basis?
May be referred to section 8-

“For both hardware and software solution development, the vendor may suggest the business model, payment model and the revenue model.´
05 If not, is RBI going to sponsor the development of an innovative hardware using latest technologies through this EOI/RFP?
06 Reason we are thinking of hardware solution is because aligning the currency in front of camera on a mobile might be difficult for visually impaired people. Can we add an accessory to mobile (hardware solution) so that they touch the currency with camera and no more aligning currency with camera is required? This solution may be provided as part of hardware based solution but not as software only solution.
07 If one company can submit more than one solution (mechanism/ device) in the said EOI. Any willing respondent can submit any number of responses provided they submit their response separately for software solution or hardware solution as mentioned in the Annex 1 & 2 of EoI
08 The submission date of the above referred EOI being 13 January 2019, a Sunday, kindly conform if the EOI submission date will be extended to 14 January 2019 i.e. the next working day or will RBI office remain open on 13 January 2019 to facilitate EOI submission. You may submit the EoI by email* latest by January 13, 2019. The hardcopy may be dispatched so as to reach us latest by January 14, 2019.
* sabyasachi@rbi.org.in

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