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Date : Aug 12, 2021
Service contract for Maintenance, Housekeeping and Catering arrangements at (Reserve Bank of India) Visiting Officers’ Flats (VOFs), Transit Holiday Homes (THHs) and Medical Flats situated at Bhubaneswar

Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting

1. Tenders by e-tendering process are invited from Vendors at its Bhubaneswar Office for the “Tender for Service contract for Maintenance, Housekeeping and Catering arrangements at (Reserve Bank of India) Visiting Officers’ Flat (VOF), Transit Holiday Home (THH) and Medical Flats situated at Bhubaneswar”. The tender will be applicable for initial period of six months w.e.f. October 01, 2021 to March 31, 2022 or for the period as decided by Bank. However, the contract can be extended for further period of two years (one year at a time) subject to satisfactory performance of the successful bidder and adherence to contractual obligations by the service provider.
1.(a) Interested tenderers may like to go through the entire tender document before taking part in the tendering process. The tenderers may obtain for themselves on their own responsibility and at their own expenses all the information which may be necessary for the purpose of making tender and for entering into a contract and acquaint themselves with all local conditions, means of access to the work, nature of the work and all matters pertaining thereto.
2. All pre-qualification documents shall be uploaded with Techno-commercial bid (Part-I) on MSTC portal. Those who do not upload the Pre-qualification documents would not be considered for this tender process. Further, the Vendor should submit the original of the documents to the Bank when demanded to qualify for further tendering process.
2.(a) Registration Certificate – Shram Suvidha portal The tenderers are required to upload the copies of EPF/ESIC registration Certificates issued on Shram Suvidha Portal.
2.(b) Proof of submission of EPF/ESIC The tenderers are required to upload at least 1 month of ECR and Combined Challan for EPF and Challan for ESIC to the Bank along with their tender.
3. Interested tenderers have to upload applicable documents satisfying all the points as stated above along with techno-commercial (Part-I) bid of tender. The same Eligibility documents should be uploaded with Techno Commercial Bid (Part-I) on the MSTC portal.
4. Tenders form will be available for downloading w.e.f. August 13, 2021 A pre-bid meeting will be held in the Human Resource Management Department, RBI Bhubaneswar. Tender form can be downloaded for viewing from RBI website www.rbi.org.in or www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi. The applicable pre-Qualification papers should be uploaded with Techno Commercial Bid (Part-I) on the MSTC portal.
5. Interested Vendors/firms can participate in e–Tender after getting registration with www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi. Online Part I – Techno-Commercial Bid and Part II – Price Bid shall be opened through www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi and applicable transaction charges have to be paid by the firm.
6. Tender in prescribed format shall be uploaded on MSTC website. Part-I of tender will contain the Bank's standard technical and commercial conditions for the proposed work and tenderers' covering letter.

The EMD of Rs.80,000/- (Rupees Eighty Thousand only) should be submitted by every bidder through NEFT transfer to A/C No-186004001, Reserve Bank of India, IFSC Code-RBIS0BBPA01, Branch Name – Bhubaneswar.
7. The schedule of the tender is as follows:
Activity Tentative date
i. e -Tender no. RBI/Bhubneswar/HRMD/6/21-22/ET/87
ii. Mode of Tender e- Procurement System
(Online Part I – Techno-Commercial Bid and Part II – Price Bid through www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi)
iii. Estimated Cost Rs.40,00,000 /- (Inclusive of GST)
iv. Date of NIT (along with complete tender) available to parties to download- Tender activation on portal-Tender ‘Live’ for all August 13, 2021 at 06:00 PM onwards
v. Date and time for start of Off-line Pre-bid meeting September 03, 2021 at 11:00 AM.
vi. Security-Deposit/Bank Guarantee Only the successful bidder will be required to provide Security Deposit of 5% of the contract value and the same shall be deposited till the duration of the Contract. Failure to submit Security Deposit or failure on the part of Vendor to perform its contractual obligations shall be treated as a violation and can lead to cancellation of the Contract and the EMD of Rs.80,000/- (Rupees Eighty Thousand only) submitted by it shall be forfeited.
vii. Earnest Money Deposit

Every Bidder must remit Rs.80,000/- (Rupees Eighty Thousand only) as EMD to Reserve Bank of India account up to 12:00 PM on September 17, 2021. The account details for NEFT transactions are as under:

Beneficiary name: - Reserve Bank of India

Account No.: 186004001 Proof of remittance indicating transaction number and other details shall be uploaded on Bank’s approved e-tender portal along with other tender documents.

EMD of the successful bidder shall be returned on receipt of Security-Deposit from the successful bidder after signing the Agreement. EMD of the unsuccessful bidder will be returned within 30 days of the award of the Contract. EMD shall be forfeited if the bidder withdraws his bid during the Tender Evaluation Process.

viii. Tender Fees Nil
ix. Transaction Fee
Please note that the Vendors will have the access to online e-tender only after payment of transaction fees online.
Payment of Transaction fee through MSTC Gateway/NEFT/RTGS in favor of MSTC Limited, as advised by M/s MSTC Ltd.
x. Start Bid date - Date of Starting of e- Tender for submission of online Techno- Commercial Bid and Price Bid at
September 07, 2021 at 12:00 pm
xi. Close Bid date - Date of closing of online e – tender for submission of Techno- Commercial Bid and Price Bid September 17, 2021 at 12:00 pm
xii. Part I Bid opening date September 17, 2021 at 03:00 pm
xiii. Part II Bid opening date Shall be informed separately to parties
8. The Bank is not bound to accept the lowest tender and reserves the right to accept either in full or in part of any tender. The Bank also reserves the right to reject all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof.

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India