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Date : Jan 10, 2022
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - Requirement of Space for Accommodating Office Premises and Residential Accommodation for RBI, Srinagar Sub Office on Lease Rental Basis

Extension of Last Date of Submission

The pre-bid meeting for “Requirement of Space for Accommodating Office Premises and Residential Accommodation for RBI, Srinagar Sub Office on Lease Rental Basis” was held on January 07, 2022 at 04:30 PM at RBI, Srinagar in physical mode. Official from RBI, Jammu joined the meeting through WebEx.

2. Following queries were raised by the participants and clarified:

Sr. No. Query Our Comments / reply
1. What is the final measurement of the carpet area which will be calculated? Whether the washrooms attached rooms shall be included in the carpet area? All the bidders were advised to refer to para no. 1.4. (g) Page 14 of tender document for definition of Carpet Area. As per the definition, washrooms would be considered under carpet area.
2. What is the maximum limit of the area required by RBI? Separate Fire compliance is mandatory for receipt of license of commercial operations from the municipal corporation Bidders were informed that Bank has only prescribed the minimum area and there is no upper limit.
If the commercial approval has been granted, then on the basis of fire safety compliance, the Bank may accept it. However, where such compliance is to be taken up separately, the bidder has to submit the requisite documents.
3. Electricity charges and electricity connection- The bidders asked whether fresh electricity connection has to be applied and what is the load requirement of the Bank It was clarified that a separate electricity meter is to be installed for the Bank if the bank decides to lease a part of the property. In case the bidder has offered his whole property to the Bank, no separate or new meter is required. Further, the load requirement shall be communicated in due course as per Para 1.4 (k) & (l) page 15 of the tender document.
4. Maximum time expected to complete the tender award process and start of operation of the Bank in the new premises. The validity of tender is for a period of 90 days as per para no. 5. Page 19 of tender document.
5. One of the bidder inquired that their property is under construction and shall complete in next 3 months, will the Bank consider their bid? Since as per tender document, the bidders are required to submit completion / possession certificates with their applications. It was clarified that bid for only completed/ ready for occupancy premises will be considered by the Bank.
6. 3 year ITR requirement in case where the property has begun commercial operations in the last year only and only one year ITR is available. The bidder has to submit all the available ITR for the property operations, as applicable and in case the property is new, the bidder may submit his personal ITRs as the case may be.
7. During the opening of Technical Bid, if any document is not submitted, will the Bidder be given an opportunity to submit the same? The Bank, during the scrutiny of documents after opening of Part-I, may on its discretion call for documents from the bidders if the need arises. The Bank is, however, under no obligations to do so as per para1.3 Part-I Section-II (page 13)
8. Force Majeure Clause The Force Majeure clause shall be governed as per the given para in rare events. In normal circumstances, the contract shall be in force for a minimum of 3 years subject to renewal after mutual consent of both the parties.
9. If the bidder offers the property which is furnished and has Genset, Servo, mini-transformer, will the property be given extra points in evaluation matrix As per Evaluation Matrix provided on page 33, Sr. No- 8, Pt. (iv) & (v) and Part-I of Tender document point 40, 41, 46 & 47, the bidder shall be evaluated accordingly.
10. Water meters are being installed by the PHE Deptt of Srinagar Municipal Corporation in all commercial and residential properties and the bill shall be sent to the user of water supplied, the bill of water usage has to be paid by the owner of the building? The bidders were informed to refer to para 3 of the financial bid as per which the rate quoted shall be inclusive of basic rent, water tax and all statutory charges (i.e. all taxes I cess present and future- House tax, property tax, municipal taxes etc).
11. The land has two properties, one which complete in all forms is being offered presently and other which is under construction. The access to the under construction property and completed property is common being on a same passage. Will the Bank allow owner to complete the under construction property as it will hardly take 2 months to complete it? The Bank, after taking over the possession, shall only provide need based access as the security of the Bank is of paramount importance. The owner can request the Bank access in case the second property is under construction. However, the decision of the Bank to allow movement in the property which is handed over to the Bank shall be final and only verified persons shall be allowed inside the premises.
12. NEFT Advise and once the tender process is done, within how many days the EMD money shall be paid back The EMD shall be paid back immediately after the conclusion of tender process. The bidders need not attach separate NEFT advice but need to provide the details of NEFT in the tender form.
13. Whether lift in necessary in the building. The bidders were informed to refer to para 1.k) on page 12 and Evaluation matrix.

3.(a) List of Bank’s Officials who attended the meeting:

S. No. Name Designation
1. Sh. Shubhabrata Ghosh Maulik DGM, Estate, Jammu
2. Sh. Kapil Dev Sharma AGM, Estate, Jammu
3. Sh. Ruchir Sonkar AGM (OIC), Srinagar
4. Sh. Sanjeev Sharma AGM, Estate, Jammu
5. Sh. Rohan Sethi Manager, Estate, Jammu
6. Sh. Himanshu bhatt Asst. Manager, Estate, Jammu
7. Sh. Mitesh Kumar Singh Asst. Manager, Estate, Jammu

3.(b) List of Representative of Company / Individual / Firm:

S. No. Name Address
1. Mehboob Mir Indian Guest House, Rambagh, Srinagar
2. John Mohammad and Basit Hotel Almonds, Jawahar Nagar
3. Zahid Ahad Sanat Nagar, By-Pass, Srinagar
4. Arif Barzulla, Airport Road, Srinagar
5. Saadat Four Seasons Hotel, Post Office, Rajbagh, Srinagar
6. Abdul Rashid Hotel Luxury Inn, Rajbagh, Srinagar
7. Murad Mehtab Palace, Rajbagh
8. Mohsin Hotel Ascot, Boulevard Dal Lake, Srinagar
9. Gh. Jeelani Hotel New Rigardo, Srinagar

4. The meeting concluded at 6:00 PM.