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Date : Nov 13, 2022
Disposal of Surplus Property at Tila Jamalpura, Bhopal

Reserve Bank of India, Bhopal intends to dispose of its residential leasehold properties situated at Tila Jamalpura Bhopal. ‘Expression of Interest’ are invited from the general public for shortlisting eligible bidders. Successful bidders would be selected subsequently through e-tendering.

The properties are taken on lease from M.P. Housing Board on two separate lease-deeds which are valid till the year 2036. The property mentioned in each lease deed will be disposed of to a single buyer only.

The date of submission of ‘Expression of Interest’ is up to December 03, 2022.

Token amount of ₹1 lakh per application shall be deposited as interest-free refundable deposit (not as monetary commitment), which is not at all indicative of the value of the property.

Financial statements i.e. Profit & loss account and Balance Sheet of the bidder for the preceding Financial Year (2021-22) is required to be submitted along with the Expression of Interest.

Successful bidder shall have to deposit 25% of the bid amount by way of DD/RTGS transfer immediately after being declared as successful. Token amount of ₹1 lakh deposited by the successful bidder will be adjusted against the 25% of the bid amount.

For details of the property, i.e. types of the flats, area, title of the property and taxes applicable on the property, please visit our website www.rbi.org.in (More links > Tenders).

Bank has the right to reject any or all the applications received without assigning any reasons thereof.

The Hindi version of this advertisement has been published in “Dainik Bhaskar, Patrika & English version is in Times of India” newspaper dated November 13, 2022 and is also available on www.rbi.org.in website.

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India, Bhopal

Date: November 13, 2022