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Date : Jan 17, 2023
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - Providing Security Services of Unarmed Ex-servicemen Security Guards in the Office of Reserve Bank of India, Shimla

Corrigendum dated January 17, 2023

E-Tender No:- RBI/Shimla/Shimla/4/2022-23/ET/514

A Pre-Bid meeting for the captioned e-tender was held in offline mode at 03:00 PM on January 12, 2023 in Conference room, Fourth Floor, Reserve Bank of India, Shimla-171009.

2. (a) List of Bank’s Officials who attended the meeting:-

Estate Department, Shimla, Reserve Bank of India
S.No. Name Designation
01 Shri Subham Dwivedi Manager
02 Shri Rishabh Salgotra Assistant Manager
03 Shri Pankaj Kashiv Assistant Manager

(b) List of representative of Company/ Individual/ Firm/ Contractor

S.No. Name Firm
01 Shri Harish Sharma M/s Rainbow Enterprises
Mobile: 8091045678
E-mail: rainbowkasumpti@gmail.com
02 Shri Naveen Kumar M/s Rakshak Securities Pvt. Ltd
Mobile: 88601-96364
E-mail: bdbanking@rakshaksecurities.com
03 Shri Kuldeep Sharma M/s Jupiter Security
Mobile: 9318888107
E-mail: info@jupitersecurity.in
04 Shri Arvind Kumar Singh M/s Bombay Intelligence Security India Ltd.
Mobile: 9356903970

3. The queries asked by the participants during the meeeting vis-à-vis the clarification given by the Bank are given below:

S.no. Query Our Comments/ Reply
1. Is it necessary to have Security Service Business upto 15 years? What is the significance of Marks allocation as mentioned in Evaluation criteria? The representatives were apprised that there was no such condition but as per the Evaluation criteria mentioned at para 5, page number 17 of Tender document, more marks will be allocated to the firms having more experience in case the lowest tendered amount of two or more bidders is same (more than one bidder quoted lowest rate).
2. The representative enquired that is it mandatory to have registered corporate/ branch/ regional/ zonal office at Shimla? It was apprised that at present one of the eligibility criteria is that tenderer should have registered corporate/ branch/ regional/ zonal office at Shimla. The representatives from M/s Rakshak Securities Pvt. Ltd, M/s Jupiter Security and M/s Bombay Intelligence Security India Ltd informed that they are not having their permanent office in Shimla but they are providing their services in the nearby areas in Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh and stated that they will provide their services efficiently in Shimla also.