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Date : Feb 07, 2024
Providing Catering Services at Staff Canteen in Reserve Bank of India, Chennai

Reserve Bank of India, Chennai invites two-part tender through e-Tender mode from eligible contractors who meet the minimum pre-qualification criteria specified below for the following work. The salient details of the work for which bids are invited and important instructions to the bidder are as under:

a) Name of the Department Human Resource Management Department (HRMD), Reserve Bank of India, Chennai.
b) e-Tender no: RBI/Chennai Regional office/HRMD/3/23-24/ET/488
c) e-Tender name (Description of Work) Providing Catering Services at Staff Canteen in Reserve Bank of India, Chennai
d) Mode of Tender e-Procurement System Online (MSTC Portal)
(Part I – Technical Bid and Part II - Financial Bid through https://www.mstcecommerce.com/eprocn)
e) Date of NIT available to the parties to download 11:00 AM on February 07, 2024 onwards
f) Estimated value of tender ₹50,00,000/- (Rupees Fifty Lakhs only) (approximately). Initially for One year from April 01, 2024 to March 31, 2025 and may be extended for a further period of up to two years i.e., till March 31, 2027 (one year at a time), subject to satisfactory performance by the agency and at the discretion of RBI, Chennai.
g) Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) ₹1,00,000/- (INR One Lakh only) by NEFT towards
Beneficiary Name: NEFT Inward Account
Beneficiary Ac No: 186003001
(5th and 10th digit is Zero)

Enter Narration as
“OLDR-Tender - Catering Services”

The proof of having remitted the EMD is to be uploaded in MSTC portal. The bidders are also advised to send the proof of remittance with transaction number (scanned copy) to the email ID: oldrchennai@rbi.org.in
h) Bidding start date of Technical Bid and Financial Bid at https://www.mstcecommerce.com/eprocn 05:00 PM on February 23, 2024
i) Last date for submission of EMD 05:00 PM on March 04, 2024
j) Date of closing of online e-Tender for submission of Technical Bid & Financial Bid 05:00 PM on March 04, 2024
k) Pre-Bid Meeting (Offline) A pre-bid Meeting will be held, for clarifying various aspects of the tender to the interested bidders, who chose to get the same resolved from authentic source of the Bank.

The Date and Time of the Pre-Bid Meeting: 10:30 AM on February 22, 2024.

The Venue of the Pre-bid Meeting: Reserve Bank of India, Human Resource Management Department, Conference Room No. 1, Second Floor, Fort Glacis, Rajaji Salai, Chennai-600001.

Disclaimer: A mere participation in the Pre-Bid Meeting would not guarantee an award of contract and the same is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in the tender.

Participation in the Pre-Bid Meeting is only voluntary and all arrangement for attending the same must be made by the interested bidders.

The Pre-Bid meeting is only a forum for getting clarification on any provision in the entire tender from authentic/authorized Bank source and the Bank discourages any claims for relaxing any of the terms and conditions under any circumstances.

Date and time of the meeting subject to change. The Bank if it deems necessary may at its discretion cancel the Pre-bid Meeting.
l) Date & time of opening of Part I (Technical Bid) 11:00 AM on March 05, 2024
m) Date & Time of opening of Part-II (Financial Bid) Part-II (Financial Bid) will be opened electronically of only those bidder(s) whose Part-I (Technical Bid) is found acceptable by RBI, Chennai. Such bidder(s) will be intimated regarding date of opening of Part-II (Financial Bid) through valid email given by them.
n) Validity of Tender 90 days from the date of opening of the Part-I (Technical Bid) of the Tender
o) Transaction Fee Payment of Transaction fee as mentioned in the MSTC portal through MSTC payment gateway/NEFT/RTGS in favour of MSTC Limited.

2. The bidders who fulfil the following minimum pre-qualification criteria shall be eligible to participate in tendering process.

S.No Criteria Requirement
1. Duration of Past Experience The intending applicant must be a Proprietorship / Partnership /LLP / Pvt. Ltd. / Ltd. Company / firm/ Public Company with minimum 3 years’ experience in providing similar works* to Government Departments / Banks / reputed Public / Private sector institutions.
For Annexures, please refer Tender Document

(i) *Similar work shall mean ‘Providing Catering Services or running of Staff Canteens or cafeteria to Government Departments / Banks / reputed Public / Private sector institutions/organizations.

(ii) Components of work executed other than those included in definition of similar work (mentioned above) shall be deducted while calculating cost of similar work. Bidder shall submit abstract of cost of work in support of this.

(iii) Bank shall have the right to verify / cause verification of authenticity of the said documents whenever felt necessary.

(iv) Bank reserves its right to obtain the performance reports from the clients for the qualifying work(s), Banker(s) report of the Bidders directly, if so desired. The Bank on its own may also conduct inspection of their work eligible/qualifying works referred by the Bidder in their bid.

(v) It is clarified that the work executed by the applicant for their in-house or capital use will not be considered for the purpose of work experience of completion of similar works.

(vi) If the space in the format is insufficient for furnishing full details, the same information may be furnished on a separate sheet of paper strictly as per the format prescribed by the Bank duly signed with seal, scanned and uploaded along with supporting documents.

(vii) Even, if no information is to be provided in a column, a ‘Nil’ or ‘No such case’ entry should be made in that column. If any particulars / query is not applicable in case of the bidder, it should be stated as ‘Not applicable’ Tender document shall contain all the enclosures mentioned and copies shall be self-attested.

(viii) The bid submitted by a bidder who is found to be not satisfying the above prequalification criteria will be disqualified. Bids containing false and / or incomplete information are liable for rejection.

(ix) For full details please refer Tender Document Technical Bid and Financial Bid. Further corrigendum/addendum if any, will be hosted on Bank’s website www.rbi.org.in under the link ‘Tenders’ and https://www.mstcecommerce.com/eprocn. The Bank is not bound to accept the lowest tender and reserves the right to accept either full or in part of any tender. The Bank also reserves the right to reject any one or all of the tenders without assigning any reason, thereof.