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Date : 21 Dec 2017
List of Select Abbreviations
AEs Advanced Economies
AFS Available for Sale
AI Artificial Intelligence
AIF Alternative Investment Funds
AIFIs All-India Financial Institutions
AMC-MFs Asset Management Companies Managing Mutual Funds
APY Atal Pension Yojana
AUM Assets Under Management
BCBS Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
BSBDA Basic Savings Bank Deposit Accounts
BSI Banking Stability Indicator
CBDT Central Board of Direct Taxes
CCDL Combined Corporate Debt Limit
CCIL Clearing Corporation of India Ltd.
CCMP Cyber Crisis Management Plans
CDR Corporate Debt Restructuring
CDS Credit Default Swap
CERT-Fin Computer Emergency Response Team in Financial sector
CERT-In Indian Computer Emergency Response Team
CET 1 Common Equity Tier 1
CIRP Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process
CKYCR Central KYC Records Registry
CMIE Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy
CPB Centraal Planbureau (Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis)
CRA Credit Rating Agency
CRA Central Recordkeeping Agency
CRAR Capital to Risk-Weighted Asset Ratio
CRILC Central Repository of Information on Large Credits
CRR Cash Reserve Ratio
CSO Central Statistics Office
DII Domestic Institutional Investors
ECB European Central Bank
EDPMS Export Data Processing and Monitoring System
EMEs Emerging Market Economies
ETCD Exchange-Traded Currency Derivatives
EU European Union
FATCA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
FBs Foreign Banks
FDMC Financial Data Management Centre
FIMMDA Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India
FPI Foreign Portfolio Investment
FSAP Financial Sector Assessment Program
FSB Financial Stability Board
FSDC Financial Stability and Development Council
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GFC Global Financial Crisis
GNPA Gross Non-Performing Advances
GoI Government of India
GST Goods and Services Tax
GVA Gross Value Added
HFCs Housing Finance Companies
HFT Held for Trading
HTM Held to Maturity
HQLA High Quality Liquid Assets
IAC Internal Advisory Committee
IAIS International Association of Insurance Supervisors
IASB International Accounting Standards Board
IBBI Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India
IBC Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
ICT Information and Computer Technology
IEA International Energy Agency
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IIB Insurance Information Bureau of India
ILO International Labour Organisation
IOSCO International Organisation of Securities Commissions
ISIN International Securities Identification Number
JLF Joint Lenders’ Forum
LBs Large Borrowers
LCR Liquidity Coverage Ratio
LEI Legal Entity Identifier
MCLR Marginal Cost of Funds Based Lending Rate
MF Mutual Fund
MII Market Infrastructure Institutions
ML Machine Learning
MMMFs Money Market Mutual Funds
MTM Mark-to-Market
NABARD National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
NBFCs Non-Banking Financial Companies
NBFCs-D Non-Banking Financial Companies-Deposit Accepting
NBFCs-ND-SI Non-Banking Financial Companies-Non-Deposit Accepting-Systemically Important
NCFE National Centre for Financial Education
NCLAT National Company Law Appellate Tribunal
NCLT National Company Law Tribunal
NCSC National Cyber Security Coordinator
NDTL Net Demand and Time Liabilities
NDU Non Disposal Undertaking
NHB National Housing Bank
NNPA Net Non-performing Advances
NPS National Pension System
NSDL National Securities Depository Limited
OD Overdraft
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OPEC Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
OTC Over-the-Counter
PBT Profit before Tax
PC Provision Coverage
PCR Provision Coverage Ratio
PFs Pension funds
PFRDA Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority
PPAC Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell
PSBs Public Sector Banks
PSUs Public Sector Undertakings
PVBs Private Sector Banks
RBS Risk-Based Supervision
RDB Rupee Denominated Bonds
RDDBFI Recovery of Debts due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act
RoA Return on Assets
RoE Return on Equity
RPPI Residential Property Price Index
RSA Restructured Standard Advances
RTA Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agents
S4A Scheme for Sustainable Structuring of Stressed Assets
SA Stressed Advances
SARFAESI Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act
SBNs Specified Bank Notes
SCBs Scheduled Commercial Banks
SCWF Senior Citizens’ Welfare Fund
SDR Strategic Debt Restructuring
SICA Sick Industrial Companies Act
SIDBI Small Industries Development Bank of India
SIP Systematic Investment Plan
SLCC State Level Co-ordination Committee
SLR Statutory Liquidity Ratio
SMA Special Mention Accounts
SPV Special Purpose Vehicle
SUCBs Scheduled Urban Co-operative Banks
UCBs Urban Co-operative Banks
VAR Vector Autoregression
WTO World Trade Organisation