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Date : Nov 18, 2009
Statistical Tables Relating to Banks in India 2008-09

Statistical Tables Relating to Banks in India provides key information on banks. It covers bank-wise and bank group-wise information on major items such as liabilities and assets, income and expenses, non-performing assets, financial ratios, spatial distribution of offices, number of employees and details of priority sector advances. It also provides bank group-wise monthly data on some of the major items such as aggregate deposits, liabilities to the banking system, assets with the banking system, investments, bank credit,  and, sector-wise and industry-wise gross bank credit.

The analysis shows the profitability of all scheduled commercial banks at aggregate level improved in 2008-09. At bank group level, while return on assets of “SBI & its Associates” and “Nationalised Banks” improved, for “Other Scheduled Commercial Banks” and “Foreign Banks” it declined in 2008-09. Net Non-Performing Assets (NPA) ratio of “Nationalised Banks” at bank group level declined in 2008-09. There has been an increase in the number of employees in the banking sector during 2008-09 over 2007-08. At bank group level, number of employees of “SBI & its Associates” and “Other Scheduled Commercial Banks” increased, while number of employees of “Nationalised Banks” and “Foreign Banks” declined in 2008-09.

Copies of the volume can be obtained from the Director, Division of Reports, Reviews and Publications (Sales Section), Department of Economic Analysis and Policy, Reserve Bank of India, Amar Building, Ground Floor, P. M. Road, P. B. No.1036, Fort, Mumbai 400 001. This publication is also available with M/s. Jain Book Agency, C-9, Connaught Place, New Delhi and at the Reserve Bank's Website on the Internet at (

Ajit Prasad

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