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Date : Nov 30, 2022
Minutes of pre-bid meeting - Renovation of Staircases of Rajanigandha Staff Quarters located at Aundh, Pune

E-Tender Number: - RBI/CAB Pune//428/22-23/ET/428

The captioned meeting was held on November 28, 2022 at 11.00 am in College of Agricultural Banking, Pune. The meeting was chaired by Shri Shubhabrat Agrawal, DGM & MoF.

(a) List of Bank Officials who attended the meeting

Sr No. Name of the Officer Designation
1 Shri Shubhabrat Agrawal Deputy General Manager
2 Shri Kamal Kumar Batra Assistant General Manager
3 Shri Sudhansu Vikram Assistant Manager (Tech-Civil)
4 Smt. Pooja Sadanand Pai Junior Engineer (Civil)

(b) List of Contractors’ representatives who attended the meeting

Sr No. Name of the Representative Name of the firm
1 Shri Azhar Merchant M/s Z A Merchant
2 Shri Himanshu Dindorkar M/s Aambuj Enterprises

2. At the outset, the Chairman welcomed the participants and advised them to put forth their doubts / queries, if any. Shri Sudhansu Vikram, AM (Tech-Civil) explained various aspects of the tenders and Bank’s requirements, which need to be taken care, in their bids. It was reiterated that this is supplementary to the tender document and will form part of the tender. In case there is any conflict between the tender document and the corrigendum, the latter shall prevail.

Queries put forth by the representatives and clarifications given by the Bank are tabulated below:

Queries/Suggestions Clarification/Comments
Dismantling and demolishing work Vendors were informed that there is a possibility of halting of work during afternoon (between 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm), as it may cause inconvenience to the children and senior citizens taking rest during that time. The vendors may take this into consideration while bidding.
Whether to dismantle the staircase of all floors at once? The dismantling of the staircase of floors needs to be done at one go.
Quoting of rates and Formula calculation Only basic rates should be quoted and uploaded as part of the price bid. In no case the rates should be entered in tender document to be uploaded as part I. All the bidders need to check the formula (w.r.t. GST & total amount) and ensure that the total amount is appearing correctly in Part- II.

3. AGM (Premises Section) added that further queries, if any, can be clarified from the section and advised the bidders to complete the exercise early and avoid last minute references.

4. The meeting ended with thanks to the Chair.