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Date : Mar 31, 2016
Finances of Non-Government Non-Financial Public Limited Companies, 2014-15 – Data Release

The Reserve Bank of India today released on its website data related to Finances of Non-Government Non-Financial (NGNF) Public Limited Companies, 2014-15.

The data have been compiled based on audited annual accounts of select 16,923 NGNF public limited companies accounting for 29.5 per cent of population paid-up capital. Of these, data pertaining to 16,587 companies are based on Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) systems (Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) and Form AOC-4 (Non-XBRL) platform) and data for the remaining 336 companies are obtained from Capitaline Plus data Services, which closed their accounts during the period April 2014 to March 2015. The data draws a comparative picture over the three year period 2012-13 to 2014-15. ‘Explanatory notes’ on data are given in Annex.

Main findings:

  • Sales growth for the select NGNF public limited companies declined during 2014-15. Operating profits growth, however, increased on account of lower expenditure growth. Profit after tax (PAT) of the select companies also grew at a higher rate in 2014-15 (Statement 1).

  • Profit margins of the select companies improved in 2014-15 as compared to 2013-14. There was a marginal increase in dividend to net worth ratio in 2014-15 as compared to 2013-14 (Statement 2).

  • Long-term borrowings to equity (i.e. debt/equity ratio) rose steadily. Interest expenses as part of total expenditure grew steadily during the reference period (Statement 2).

  • There was substantial increase in ‘Cash and Cash equivalents’ as a ratio of total uses of funds in 2014-15 over 2013-14 (Statement 2).

  • There was contraction in sales for the sales size group of ‘less than ‘₹ 250 million’. Sales growth declined sharply for the sales size group of ‘₹ 10 billion and above’ (Statement 7).

  • Companies with sales size of ‘less than ‘₹ 250 million’ and ‘₹ 5 billion and above’ experienced improvement in operating profits growth in 2014-15 over 2013-14 (Statement 7).

  • Total net assets of companies except for sales size group of ‘₹ 250 million- ₹ 500 million’ grew at a slower rate (Statement 7).

  • ‘Mining and Quarrying’ and ‘Sugar’, ‘Textiles’, and ‘Wood Products’ industries in the manufacturing sector experienced contraction in sales in 2014-15 (Statement 11).

  • ‘Mining and Quarrying’, ‘Sugar’, ‘Wood Products’, ‘Paper Products’, ‘Basic Chemicals’, ‘Iron and Steel’, and ‘Electricity’ industry witnessed contraction in operating profits (Statement 11).

  • Manufacturing as well as Services sector companies showed improved profit margins in 2014-15. However, industries such as ‘Dairy Products, ‘Sugar’, ‘Paper Products, ‘Jewellery’, and ‘Electricity’ companies in manufacturing sector and ‘Accommodation and Food Services’ in services sector exhibited subdued performance in terms of their profit margins in 2014-15 (Statement 12).

An article analysing the performance of NGNF public limited companies at the aggregate level as well as based on sales size and industry is being published in the May 2016 issue of the RBI Bulletin.

Sangeeta Das

Press Release : 2015-2016/2313