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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds on our web site will help users to receive automatic site updates without having to check back to the site periodically. An RSS feed is an actual web page consisting of simple headlines and brief summaries of recently added or updated content (e.g., Press Releases, Notifications etc.). Each item is linked to the full document at the main website.

RSS feeds are simple text files that, once submitted to feed directories, will allow subscribers to see content within a very short time after it is updated. At the user end, RSS allows you to see when sites from all over the internet have added new content. You can get the latest Press Releases, Notifications, Speeches and Tenders in one place, as soon as they are published, without having to remember to visit the site every day.

How to use RSS.

The Internet Explorer 7 has a built-in RSS reader, making it easier to identify, subscribe to, and access RSS feeds. In case of Internet Explorer version 6 and lower, to access these feeds in a readable format, you need an RSS reader/aggregator application which is freely available on internet to download.

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Note: RSS Feeds are best viewed in Internet Explorer 7.0 and above.
To view RSS feeds through Chrome, please install this add-on