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Date : Apr 24, 2015
Corrigendum - Providing Security Guards Services
CORRIGENDUM issued to Tender No. KAN/P&S/021/SG-2015-16 dated.30.3.2015 for Providing Security Guard Services (Part II- Financial Bid) by RBI Kanpur

Revised Format for Rates

(To be put in a separate sealed cover marked Part II - Financial Bid pertaining to Offer for providing Security Guards)

Tender document for providing Security Guards at RBI, Kanpur

1. Name of the Company/Agency (Full address with Tel. No.) :  
2. Registration No. of the Company/ Agency under State/Central Govt. or any other Organization viz DGR :  
3. Rates quoted per Guard(Armed/Unarmed) for 8 (eight) hours duty :  
  Wage Description Security Guard (Armed) Security Guard (Unarmed)
a Basic Wages (Minimum) (plus VDA)    
b Employees State Insurance (ESI) @ 4.75% of Basic plus VDA    
c Employees Provident Fund (EPF) @ 12% of Basic plus VDA    
d Employees Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) @ 0.5% of Basic plus VDA    
e Administrative Charges @ 1.11% of Basic plus VDA    
f House Rent Allowance (HRA) @30% of Basic plus VDA    
g ESI on HRA @ 4.75% of HRA    
h Bonus minimum @ 8.33%    
i Uniform Outfit Allowance @ 5% of Basic plus VDA    
j Uniform Washing Allowance @ 3 % of Basic plus VDA    
k Total { Sum of (a) to (j)}    
l Relieving Charges 1/6th of Total of Serial (k)    
m Total Cost Per Head{Sum of(k) and (l)}    
n Service Charge(Agency Charge) in % of Serial (m)    
o Sum Total (Sum of m and n)    
p Service Tax (as applicable)    
  Grand Total    

(Signature of Bidder)

Name and Address with seal



  1. Bidders should note that Service Charges (Agency Charges) at Serial “n’’ above can be retained by them and all other elements are to be passed on to respective authorities/guards. Copy of proof of payments of statutory dues and payments to guards in their respective Bank accounts is to be submitted along with subsequent month’s bill.

  2. Rates quoted above must not be less than DGR rates except the Service Charges (Agency Charges) element, all fields are mandatory and subject to government rules as applicable.

  3. It may be noted that in order to eliminate frivolous bids and disguised share/deduction from salary of personnel provide, service provider bidding below 2% service charges shall be disqualified.

  4. The security agencies shall acquaint themselves with the relevant statutory provisions and carry out the market survey before bidding/quoting the rates of basic daily wage including the variable dearness allowance as the same will not be below the minimum wages as applicable.

  5. Deployment of Non Ex-serviceman Guard will be allowed only in exceptional circumstances with due approval of the competent authority.