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Date : Dec 26, 2018
Pre bid meeting - Engaging Services of Air Cargo Service Providers for movement of precious cargo for Reserve Bank of India, Nagpur

The pre-bid meeting for the captioned work was conducted in Conference Hall at MOB on 21.12.2018 at 11.00 AM in the presence of Reserve Bank Officials where the following prospective tenderers participated. The meeting was attended by Shri. N.K. Bhantia, an Independent External Monitor.

For Reserve Bank of India:

1. Shri. Sushil Kumar Verma (General Manager)

2. Shri. Devendra D Bonde (Assistant General Manager)

3. Smt. Geetanjali Katare (Manager)

4. Shri. G. Jogindher (Manager)

5. Shri. Dilip V Koushik (Assistant Manager)

6. Shri. Sameer Kulkarni (Assistant Manager)

Prospective tenderers:

1. Shri. Ved Ram Sharma (Aryan Aviation Pvt Ltd)

2. Shri. N.K. Balakrishnan (United Helicharters Pvt Ltd)

3. Shri. Srivatsa Seshadri (Heligo Charters Pvt Ltd)

4. Shri Gyan Prakash (Pawan Hans Ltd)

5. Shri. Pankaj Vishnoi (Skyone Airways Pvt Ltd)

6. Shri. Sunil Gupta (Dhillon Aviation)

The following queries were raised by the tenderers in the meeting:

1. Can the EMD be made by way of bank Guarantee?

Bank’s clarification: No. The EMD can be made only through the modes as prescribed in the tender.

2. Can the period of the tender be increased to two years?

Bank’s clarification: The period of the tender is one year from the date of award of the contract. It can be extended by the Bank at its option, for a future period of two years, one year each at a time, without any variation in terms and conditions.

3. Can the Bank provide any annual minimum commitment in terms of number of flying hours?

Bank’s clarification: No, the Bank cannot give any annual minimum commitment.

4. Who will be responsible for landing and sanitization permissions?

Bank’s clarification: The landing and sanitization permissions will be obtained by the Currency chests to whom the precious cargo is sent.

5. Will the Bank reimburse expenditure in case of ferrying the contractor’s helicopter from some other place to Nagpur?

Bank’s clarification: No, the Bank will not provide reimbursement in case of ferrying the contractor’s helicopter from their place of operation to Nagpur.

6. Can the tenderer bid for only one category of the contract i.e., only for 1000-1500 Carrying capacity or only for 1500 -2000 kg category?

Bank’s clarification: The tenderer can bid only for one category, if the tenderer wishes so.

7. Whether MSMEs are exempted from paying EMD for participating in the tender?

Bank’s clarification: MSMEs who are willing to participate in the tender are mandated to pay EMD as required.

8. What does the term ‘cargo carrying capacity’ mentioned in the tender imply?

Bank’s clarification: The term cargo carrying capacity mentioned in the tender includes the weight of the precious cargo, weight of the accompanying personnel (two persons) and the weight of the crew (two persons).

9. How will the work be divided between the two categories i.e., between 3.2 (a) and 3.2 (b)?

Bank’s clarification: To the extent possible, the work will be awarded equally to the L1 in category 2(a) and L1 in category 2(b) in terms of the value of the work awarded.

Modifications accepted:

1. Whether three years’ experience of Air cargo is mandatory for the intending tenderer?

The tenderers had stated in the meeting that there is no specific category of helicopter service carriers like Air Cargo. They had requested the Bank to change it accordingly.

Bank’s clarification: On request from the prospective tenderers, the Bank has agreed to modify the existing condition from three years’ experience in Air cargo services to three years’ experience in helicopter flying services. However the tenderer should have possessed valid NSOP certificate for the past three years of operation.

2. Should the contractor be make arrangements for loading/ unloading of cargo to/from the vehicle?

Banks’ clarification: On request from the prospective tenderers, the Bank has agreed to modify the existing condition, whereby loading and unloading of cargo shall be arranged by the Bank.

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