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Date : Oct 08, 2021
Minutes of Pre-bid Meeting – Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of a Passenger Lift (Capacity – 6) at Amenities Block at Main Office Building, RBI, Thiruvananthapuram


The captioned Meeting was held at 11.00 am on Tuesday, October 05, 2021 in the VC Room on the third floor of the Bank’s Main Office Building at Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram.

(a) List of Bank’s Officials who attended the meeting

1 Shri P Manoj General Manager (Through WebEx)
2 Shri V Jayaraj Assistant General Manager
3 Shri Suresh Kumar R Nair Assistant Manager (Tech-Electrical)
4 Shri M Thanikkachalem Assistant Manager
5 Smt. T Gowthami Assistant Manager

(b) List of Contractors’ representatives who attended the meeting

  Name of the Representative Name of the firm/ Company
1 Shri Rakesh Krishna M/s Jhonson Lifts Pvt Ltd

2. Shri V Jayaraj, Assistant General Manager welcomed the participants to the meeting and invited queries, if any, from the prospective bidders regarding the captioned tender. Shri Suresh Kumar R Nair, AM (Tech) explained various aspects of the tender which need to be taken care of in their bids. The following issues were raised in the meeting and the clarification is as given below.

Queries/Suggestions Clarification/Comments
What is the lift Shaft size and side on which car door opening to be given (1900 or 1700 side)? It is confirmed that 1900 mm side. (Drawing enclosed)
Whether RCC is required at the top (Head room) for fixing the lift motor on two sides? This is not featured in the Civil works tender. Hence cannot be considered.
Whether the shaft structure constructed by the Bank is sufficient? It is clarified that if the shaft structure constructed by the Bank found to be insufficient, required load bearing members (using ISA/ SHS) to be fabricated and fixed by the lift tenderer for fixing various accessories of the lift such as guide brackets, lift motor, lift doors etc.
Whether Sufficient beams (3 Nos) shall be provided for hooking the lift machinery at top (Head room) for installation and maintenance sake? Sufficient beams (3 Nos) shall be provided for hooking the lift machinery at top (Head room) for installation and maintenance purpose.
Is the shaft waterproofed from top and bottom? The shaft shall be waterproof from top and bottom. This shall be taken care while doing the civil construction.
Whether the Structural drawing of lift be uploaded? Structural drawing of lift shall be uploaded for reference of tenderers
What is the estimated time limit for completion of installation of Lift? Certain Specific parts required for installation can be manufactured/ fabricated only as per site measurements, the installation of lift can be started only after 90% of the shaft construction is over. The time required for completion of installation may be around 6 weeks.

3. Shri V Jayaraj, Assistant General Manager, informed that the successful bidder can make frequent visits to the site while civil work is in progress and put forth their suggestion to avoid last minute alterations. He thanked all participants for attending the meeting. He also added that further queries, if any, about the tender can also be clarified from the section and advised the bidders to complete the process in MSTC portal early and avoid last minute references. The meeting came to an end at 11.45 am.

Regional Director for Kerala and Lakshadweep