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Date : Jan 04, 2022
Minutes of Pre-bid meeting - Annual Maintenance of Gardens and Horticulture Services at Bank’s Offices and Residential Properties at Ahmedabad for the period from 2022-25

Tender No. - RBI/Ahmedabad/HRMD/22/21-22/ET/353

As per the Schedule, a Pre-Bid meeting for the captioned tender was held on December 28, 2021 at 05:00 PM in Meeting room, 4th floor, Main Office Building, RBI Ahmedabad.

The pre-bid meeting was attended by the representatives of following vendors:

  1. M/s Vrundavan Nursery and Plantation

  2. M/s BVG India Pvt Ltd

  3. M/s Vrundavan Nursery & Plantation

  4. M/s Vyom Greentech Services

  5. M/s Garden View

  6. M/s Khatarwale

On behalf of Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad, the following officials were present:

  1. Shri M M Vijaykumar, Assistant General Manager, HRMD

  2. Shri G D Ninama, Manager, HRMD

  3. Shri Pankaj Choudhary, Assistant Manager, HRMD

The following points were clarified during the discussions held with the participants:

Sl. No. Queries raised by firm’s representative Clarification given by the Bank
1. Whether the revised minimum wages (revised by Central Government on time to time) will be paid by RBI in addition to the cost of the tender? Minimum Wages, as and when, revised by Ministry & Labour, Govt. of India, shall be reckoned for payment.
2. What is the notice period for termination of contract? Please refer to the Point No. 3 of Section VI-B of the tender document.
3. Can we undertake site visit? The bidders were advised to undertake site visit with prior permission of the respective caretaker of the property.

3. Minutes of pre-bid meeting shall form the part of tender document/ agreement.

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India