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Date : May 09, 2022
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of X-Ray Baggage Scanner Systems for Bank’s Central Office Building, Fort, Mumbai

An online Pre-bid meeting through Cisco WebEx on the captioned subject was held at 11:30 am on Friday, May 06, 2022.

(a) A list of Bank’s Officials who attended the online meeting:

1 Shri Sunil S Sahare Assistant General Manager (Gen)
2 Smt. Rashmi Gehani Manager
3 Shri Santosh Katarnavare Assistant Manager (Tech)
4 Shri Ravindra Kumar Assistant Manager
5 Smt. Arundhati Shinde Assistant
6 Shri Aditya Deshpande Junior Engineer (Elec.)

(b) List of Contractors’ representatives who attended the online meeting :

  Name of the representative Name of the Contractor
1. Shri Mohammad Tarique M/s. Vehant Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The participant had sent the queries by mail, which were discussed in the meeting. Queries put forth by the representative and the clarifications/ comments given by the Bank are given below:

Sr. No. Queries/ suggestions Clarifications/ comments
1 Clarity on CAMC period As per tender clause 3.15: The service contract shall be for an additional period of at least seven years after DLP/warranty period of one year. (1 yr DLP + 7 yrs CAMC)
2 Request to consider Bankers’ certificate without restricting specific format The Bankers’ certificate should contain all the components mentioned in the format given in tender Annexure – X from their issuing bank.

Queries regarding old 600 x 400 ECIL make XBIS:

1. Date of Installation.
2. Are entry and exit rollers available ? If yes, kindly mention the length of each.
3. Is UPS available? If yes, please mention the power in KVA.
4. Any other component of this machine which is part of Buyback (if any). Kindly mention.

1. June 2009
2. Yes. Length: 600 mm
3. Yes. Power: 2 KVA Stabiliser.
4. ------

The vendor was advised that no deviation in terms and conditions will be accepted by the Bank and all other specifications shall be strictly as per the tender.

The meeting was concluded with a vote of thanks to the participant.