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Date : May 13, 2022
Facility Management Services (Caretaking and Catering) at Bank’s Residential Colonies (Reserve Bank Officers’ Quarters, Koyembedu & Anna Nagar) in RBI Chennai

(Only through e-procurement)


a) Name of the Department Human Resources Management Department, Reserve Bank of India, Chennai.
b) e-Tender no: RBI/Chennai/HRMD/11/22-23/ET/69
c) e-Tender name Facility Management Services (Caretaking and Catering) at Bank’s Residential Colonies (Reserve Bank Officers’ Quarters, Koyembedu & Anna Nagar) in RBI Chennai
d) Mode of Tender e-Procurement System Online
(Part I – Technical Bid and Part II - Financial Bid through https://www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi/)
e) Date of NIT available to the parties to download 17.00 hrs of May 13, 2022 onwards
f) Estimated value of tender ₹31,00,000/- (Rupees Thirty one Lakh only) inclusive of GST per annum. (Initially for 09 months from July 01, 2022 to March 31, 2023. May be extended for a further period of up to two years i.e. till March 31, 2025 (one year at a time), subject to satisfactory performance by the agency and discretion of RBI Chennai.
g) Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) ₹62,000/- (Rupees Sixty two Thousand only) by NEFT towards

Beneficiary Name:
HRMD-Allotment, RBI-Chennai.

Beneficiary Ac No:

RBIS0CNPA01 (5th and 10th digit is Zero)

The proof of having remitted the EMD is to be uploaded in MSTC portal. The bidders are also advised to send the proof of remittance with transaction number (scanned copy) to the email ID: allotmentchennai@rbi.org.in
h) Last date for submission of EMD 17.00 hrs of Jun 05, 2022
i) Bidding start date of Technical Bid and Financial Bid at https://www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi/ 11.00 hrs of May 26, 2022
j) Date of closing of online e-Tender for submission of Technical Bid & Financial Bid 17.00 hrs of Jun 05, 2022
k) Date & time of opening of Part-I (i.e. Technical Bid)

Date & Time of opening of Part- II (Financial Bid)
12.00 hrs of Jun 06, 2022

Part-II (Financial Bid) will be opened electronically of only those bidder(s) whose Part-I (Technical Bid) is found acceptable by RBI, Chennai. Such bidder(s) will be intimated regarding date of opening of Part- II (Financial Bid) through valid email given by them.
l) Pre-Bid Meeting (Offline) A pre-bid Meeting will be held, for clarifying various aspects of the tender to the interested bidders, who chose to get the same resolved from authentic source of the Bank.

The Date and Time of the Pre-Bid Meet: May 24, 2022 at 11.30 hrs

The Venue of the Pre-bid Meet: Reserve Bank of India, Human Resource Management Department, Conference room No 1, Second Floor, Fort Glacis, Rajaji Salai, Broadway, Chennai 600001.

Disclaimer: A mere participation in the Pre-Bid Meet would not guarantee an award of contract and the same is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in the tender.

Participation in the Pre-Bid Meeting is only Voluntary and all arrangement for attending the same must be arranged by the interested bidders.

The Pre-Bid meeting is only a forum for getting clarification on any provision in the entire tender from authentic/authorized Bank source and the Bank discourages any claims for relaxing any of the terms and conditions under any circumstances.

Date and time of the meeting may change subject to change. The Bank if it deems necessary may at its own discretion cancel the Pre-bid Meeting.