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Date : May 24, 2022
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - Providing Security Services at RBI, Sundar Nagar, Raipur including at the Site of Proposed Premises at Nava Raipur (Atal Nagar)

Opening of Part II (Price Bid)

In connection with tender No. RBI/Raipur/Raipur/2/22-23/ET/74, which was floated on both MSTC and RBI’s website on May 17, 2022 for the captioned work, an offline pre-bid meeting was conducted at 11:00 AM on May 23, 2022. The following members participated in the meeting –

a. Representatives from Companies/ firms –

S.N. Name of Company/ firm Name of the Representative
1. M/s Bombay Intelligence Security Shri Shambhu Singh
2. M/s Jasbir Singh Kaberwal Shri Ajay Mishra

b. Participants from RBI, Raipur -

S.N. Name of the RBI Officials Designation
1. Shri Deepesh Tiwari AGM
2. Shri Sushil B. Shahane Manager
3. Shri Pavnesh Singh AM (P&SO)
4. Shri G.S. Vinod AM

Following queries/doubts were clarified, as mentioned below, in the meeting:

S. N. Query Clarification
1. What is the cut-off date for Banker’s Solvency certificate. It was informed that, in terms of para 3.1 (viii) of Section - I of the tender document, date of issue of Solvency Certificate must not be earlier than January 1, 2022.
2. If any person deployed (Security Guards, Gunman and Supervisor) does not come under the purview of ESI, in such cases, whether it is required to obtain insurance policy under ‘Workmen's Compensation Act’. Further, who will bear the cost of insurance policy under ‘Workmen's Compensation Act’. It was advised to refer para 8. (x) of Section III and para 8 of terms and conditions of Part -II (price -bid) of tender document for details.
3. What are the documents required to be submitted in support of S.N. 9 of Evaluation Parameters mentioned in Section III of tender document (Training on digital threats) It was informed that documentary evidence such as curriculum of training programme, containing digital threat as one of the subjects, may be enclosed.
4. Whether relaxation in EMD will be given to MSE firms. It was clarified that EMD is to be submitted by all bidders, including MSE bidders, as mentioned in para 4.d of Section I of tender document.
5. What is the cut-off date for Performance Feedback report. Is there any format prescribed for the same. It was informed that, in terms of para 3.1(xii) of Section I of tender document, date of performance feedback report should not be earlier than October 1, 2021. Further, it was clarified that, no specific format is prescribed for Performance Feedback report for the tender.
6. What proof/details required for number of female security guards. It was informed that, the bidders need to furnish details in self-certified Annexure-IV-B. The Bank reserves the rights to call for additional documents in support of the same, as mentioned in para 3 of Section III.

These minutes of pre-bid meeting shall form the part of tender document/Agreement.

Regional Director
Reserve bank of India, Raipur