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Date : May 26, 2022
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - Empanelment of Tailoring Firms for Stitching of Summer and Winter Uniforms for Eligible Staff of Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai


The Pre-Bid meeting for the captioned tender was held on May 23, 2022 at 11.30 AM in the New Conference Hall, Reserve Bank of India, 1st Floor, Main Building, S B Singh Road, Fort, Mumbai. The list of participants containing officials from the Bank and representatives from the prospective bidders is given in the Annex.

The queries raised by the prospective bidders and the clarification/replies given by the Bank in the meeting is given as under:

Sr. No. Points/queries raised by the prospective bidders Banks Clarification/Replies
1 Can Bank sort and allot the work to empanelled tailors as per employees’ office location? It was clarified that as much as possible stitching work of staff attached to particular office location will be allotted to single empanelled tailor.
2 Please elaborate about the EMD and bank guarantee for participating in e-tender. EMD amount is for participating in e-tendering process, which will be refunded after the Bank guarantee has been received from empanelled tailors or after completion of empanelment process.

EMD should be transferred through NEFT only and the transaction details should be conveyed to Bank through an email.
3 Do we have to upload all documents duly sign on MSTC portal? YES.
4 Should we have to submit Article of Agreement on Stamp paper? No, If the bidder is empanelled in the tendering process, He / She has to submit Articles of Agreement on Stamp paper.
5 Can we make changes in uniform on employee’s request? No, Uniforms must be as per guidelines and no changes are acceptable.
6 Do we have to provide epaulettes with Uniforms? YES, As mentioned in Section IV of Part I - Scope of work (on Page No. 42), All male employees should be supplied with a pair of removable epaulettes in black colour with 'RBI' letters in white thread with each set of summer uniform.
7 Do we have to provide Badges on Beret caps? YES, As mentioned in Annexure III of Part III - Specification of Security Guards uniforms, metallic badges (crest) have to be provided with beret caps.
8 Is the Bank Guarantee for previous empanelment period valid for the present tender? No, as bank Guarantee submitted is for previous contract period and may have been expired and invalid. So, fresh Bank Guarantee must be submitted.


List of Participants

A) Bank Officials

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Shri Don John David Manager
2 Shri Tejas Kalyankar Assistant Manager
3 Shri Kunal Anil Mekale Assistant

B) Representatives of Prospective bidders

Sr. No Name of the Representative Name of the Firm
1 Shri Shankar Rao M/s Pilot Clothing Co.
2 Shri Sudarshan Rao M/s Creation Mens Wear
3 Smt. Meenakshi Bhosale M/s Meenakshi Garments Ind
4 Shri Aniruddha V. Risbnd M/s Balaji Traders
5 Shri Vibhakar G. Risbnd