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Date : Jul 29, 2022
Minutes of Pre-bid Meeting - Annual Maintenance Contract for Providing Facility Management Services for Housekeeping at Bank’s Central Office Building at Fort, Mumbai


An open tender for the captioned work was floated on July 14, 2022. As per the Schedule of Tender, the Pre-bid meeting was held on July 27, 2022 at 3.00 p.m. in Conference room of Premises, 5th floor Fort, Mumbai.

In this connection ten bidders participated in the pre-bid meeting and raised queries with respect to the tender document.

The following participated in the Prebid meeting:

Sr. No Name
  Reserve Bank of India
1. Smt. Shakti Dubey GM
2. Shri Pramod Gupta GM
3. Shri Dilip K Patil,AGM, P& SE
4. Shri Prashant Sharma,AM, P& SE
5. Shri Ajmal Meeran, AM
6. Shri Vijay Kadalge,AM
  Participant Bidders
1. All Services Global Pvt Ltd
2. Alert Care & Construction Services P Ltd
3. Swastik Electricals P Ltd
4. P N S Upkeep Services
5. Eagle Security &.Personal Services
6. V N Caterers
7. Shree Consultancy Services
9. Universal Personnel Security Training
10. S V Enterprises

The issues raised by the bidders regarding the Technical and Commercial Specifications and other terms and conditions were clarified/noted. The clarifications to the points raised by the bidders are furnished in Annex I

Annex I

Minutes of Pre-bid meeting held on July 27, 2022 - Clarifications of queries

Sr. No Clause/Page No/Particulars Name of the vendor Query Raised by the bidder Clarification of queries
1. Period of Contract PNS Upkeep Services Pvt Ltd Contract period whether for 7 months and whether it will be extended. Presently, the contract period is for 7 months to align with Bank’s Financial Year ending on March 31, 2023. The Contract may be renewed in terms of Para 25 of Instructions to Bidders.
2. Notice Inviting Tender Para 6 PNS Upkeep Services Pvt Ltd What is the validity of Solvency Certificate? Latest Solvency Certificate should be submitted.
3. Para 8 of Instructions to Bidders. PNS Upkeep Services Pvt Ltd Whether MSME firms will get an exemption from depositing of EMD. As per Bank’s policy, the exemption is valid only for the tenders of value upto ₹ 10 lakh. The cost of the work being more, there will be no exemption for the bidders.
4. Scope of Work- Para 1 (M) Alert Care & Construction Services Pvt. Ltd. Whether Cleaning of glass façade includes the glazed windowpanes of entire building. The scope of work under this para is only cleaning of Spider Glass at the entrance lobby of the Central Office Building only.
5. Scope of work-Para 5 PNS Upkeep Services Pvt Ltd Providing Shoe- shining Machine- how to assess the quantity required of the polish gel bottle placed in the dispenser. The agencies are advised to conduct a visit to COB and take a survey to assess the requirements etc.
6. Schedule of quantities Item No. 1 PNS Upkeep Services Pvt Ltd Whether materials required for work mentioned in item 1 of Schedule of quantities will be paid separately by the Bank. The vendors are required to carry out the work as mentioned in item 1, Sub Para (a) to (o). The material required for execution of above work are to be considered by the vendor while quoting for item 1. No extra cost shall be paid for the material by the Bank.
7. Schedule of quantities Item No.1 PNS Upkeep Services Pvt Ltd Whether rates of wages as per existing GOI rates are to be considered while quoting the rate for deployment of manpower. The bidders may quote their rates taking into account the probable future revisions in wages. No extra cost shall be paid to the contractor towards the same. However, the contractor is required to pay the wages/other benefits in compliance to Minimum Wages Act. Please refer Para 16 of Instructions to Bidders.
8. Schedule of Quantities- Item 1 Swastik Electrotech Pvt Ltd. Which category (skilled/semi-skilled/unskilled) of workmen are to be deployed for the work? As per the Scope of Work- Para 4 the vendor should depute 76 trained and experienced cleaning workers and four experienced site supervisors.
9. Schedule of quantities Item No. 2 Swastik Electrotech Pvt Ltd. Whether Consumables will be included in quoted cost. The vendors have to provide consumables as required on Free to Use basis. The quantity mentioned were only indicative. Suitable corrigendum removing the indicative quantity shall be issued in this regard.
10. Schedule of quantities Item No. 2 PNS Upkeep Services Pvt Ltd FTU Dispensers- Whether cost of FTU items will be paid by the Bank These equipment will have to be provided and maintained by vendor during currency of the AMC and can be taken back once contract is over.
11. Schedule of quantities item 3 Swastik Electrotech Pvt Ltd For the items listed at item 3, whether individual rates to be quoted or the quote should be for entire items. The vendors will be required to quote separately in the price bid for each amenity / items as stated in item 3 which shall be supplied to the Bank. Suitable corrigendum will be issued. Annexure VI may be considered deleted from the part I document.