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Date : Aug 03, 2022
Minutes of the Pre-bid Meeting - Appointment of Concurrent Auditor for the year 2022-23 w.e.f. October 01, 2022 to September 30, 2023 by Reserve Bank of India, Bhopal

Clarification for Queries

E-Tender no. - RBI/Bhopal/HRMD/27/22-23/ET/223

The Pre-bid meeting for the captioned tender was held virtually on July 28, 2022 at 03:00 PM through WebEx platform. The meeting was attended by representatives from twelve Chartered Accounted (CA) Firms. The list of officials from RBI, Bhopal and representatives from CA firms who participated in the meeting is enclosed in the Annexure to this document.

2. The meeting started with a brief introduction of the e-tender by the Manager, ABCC. Thereafter, following queries were raised by the prospective bidders/ interested firms, which were clarified by the Bank:

Sr. No. Query Clarification by the Bank
1. How to resolve technical difficulties being faced on MSTC portal? Firms shall contact MSTC for technical difficulties faced while submitting bids. Interested firms may contact MSTC helpline numbers available at https://www.mstcecommerce.com/helpdesk_mstc.html and https://www.mstcindia.co.in/content/contact.aspx
2. What is the maximum document size that can be uploaded on MSTC portal while submitting the bid? As per the vendor guide available on MSTC portal, multiple documents can be uploaded, and maximum size of each document should be 5 MB. For more details, interested firms may refer to the vendor guide available at - https://www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi/buyer_login.jsp
3. In Annex C, one type of document is mentioned under multiple particulars. Is it necessary to submit multiple copies of the same document? Interested firms may upload the valid document for one particular item/point and a reference of this document may be made by the applicant for other particulars.
4. In Form -1, count of total other assistants is required to be mentioned. Does this count include staff from other fields as well? Firms shall mention number of audit assistants excluding skilled and semi-skilled staff.
5. Can appointment letter be uploaded for audit undertaken by firms. Yes.
6. Is it mandatory to upload marksheets of all the skilled and semi - skilled staff? Firms shall upload the latest marksheet of IPCC I / II as applicable.
7. For other assistants, can the firm upload declaration? Yes.
8. In the evaluation criteria, what are the marks for firm having 2 CAs? Interested firms shall refer to the Annex-1 of the tender document for the evaluation criteria.
9. When does the portal open for submitting bids? Interested firms shall refer to the ‘Schedule of Tender’ in the tender document on RBI website under the link - Tenders
10. What are the criteria for assessing past performance of CA firms in RBI during technical evaluation? Past performance of CA firms in RBI will be assessed on the basis of internal feedback on the performance of the auditor given by auditee offices.

3. Above may be treated as a part of the tender. All terms and conditions of the tender shall remain unchanged.


Participants in the Pre-bid Meeting held on July 28, 2022

Sr. No Firm Name Name of the participant
(Shri / Ms.)
1 Ankur Goyal & Co. Ankur Goyal
2 Sumit & Associates Shantanu Goyal
3 N A S A & Associates Manisha Thadani
4 S D S D & Associates Deepak Kumar Bajpai
5 Sanjay Srivastava & Co. Raja Thakur
6 S L Chhajed & Co LLP Vijit Baidmutha
7 Gupta Jeswani & Co. Ram Mohan Gupta
8 N K Rai & Associates Neelash Kumar Rai
9 R C Baheti & Co. Vaishali Baheti
10 B Shroff & Co. Piyush Kaushik
11 Agrawal Kanhere Associates Sanjeev Chanodia
12 Anand Saklecha & Co. Lakhan

Representatives from RBI, Bhopal present in the meeting:

Sr. No. Name of the Staff Member
(Shri / Ms.)
1 Chitra Harode Assistant General Manager
2 Rajankumar Patel Manager
3 Suharshan Chavan Assistant Manager
4 Aesha Bharatbhai Patel Assistant
5 Mayank Verma Assistant