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Date : Sep 11, 2023
Minutes of Pre-bid Meeting - Bifurcation of THH at ground floor at Rajnigandha staff quarters, Pune

E-Tender Number: - RBI/CAB PUNE/Estate/7/23-24/ET/27

The captioned meeting was held on September 07, 2023 at 03.00 PM in College of Agricultural Banking, Pune. The meeting was chaired by Smt. Anjali Karyekar, Assistant General Manager.

2. (a) List of Bank Officials who attended the meeting: -

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Smt. Anjali Karyekar Assistant General Manager
2 Smt. Brenda Rodrigues Manager
3 Smt. Pooja Pai Junior Engineer (Civil)
4 Shri Shriniwas Band Assistant

(b) List of Representative of Company/Individual/Firm/Contractor

Sr. No. Name of Entity Name of the Representative
1 M/s Tirupati Group Shri Varad Karve

3. At the outset, the Chairman welcomed the participants and advised them to put forth their doubts / queries, if any. Smt. Pooja Pai, Junior Engineer (Civil) explained various aspects of the tender and Bank’s requirements, which needed to be taken care of in bid submission. Also they were also advised to register their Company/ Individual/ Firm/ Contractor on the MSTC Portal - Version 3 in order to bid for the tender.

4. Queries raised during the meeting and clarifications provided are as follows:

Sr. No. Query raised by Vendor Clarification of queries
1. Refurbishment of existing grill The existing grill is to be suitably modified as per required opening for entrance and damages to be made good
2. Do newly built steps require railings? Provision of railings has not been included in the scope of work.
3. Has rebate value for old items (pipes etc.) been included? Rebate for scrap items has been considered separately in the BOQ

5. The bidders are requested to submit the bid after considering the clarifications given in the above minutes. (A duly signed /stamped copy of this Minutes of Meeting should be uploaded). All vendors are advised to do a site visit to acquaint themselves with the security requirements while working in RBI Premise. The Bidders were advised not to submit the Price Bid along with PART I, otherwise, tender will be rejected. It was reiterated that this is supplementary to the tender document and will form part of the tender. In case there is any conflict between the tender document and the corrigendum, the latter shall prevail.

6. Rest of the terms, conditions and specifications of the bid document shall continue to remain same. Submission of bids shall be construed to be in conformity to the bid document and clarifications. The Bank will not be bound to entertain any further query/clarification from any bidder/contractor in future.