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Date : Sep 15, 2023
Minutes of Pre-bid meeting - Installation of Tea/Coffee Vending Machines and Supply of Manpower for Maintenance of Vending Machines at Main Office Premises, Reserve Bank of India, Bhubaneswar


e-Tender No. - RBI/Bhubaneswar Regional Office/HRMD/1/23-24/ET/22

As per the Schedule, Pre-Bid meeting for the captioned tender was held on September 14, 2023 at 12:00 PM in Conference Room, 2nd Floor, RBI, Bhubaneswar to clarify the queries of the prospective bidders.

The pre-bid meeting was attended by the representatives of following vendors:

  1. M/s Rudransh Enterprises

  2. M/s Shiva Enterprises

On behalf of Reserve Bank of India, Bhubaneswar, the following officials were present:

  1. Shri Sasanka Mohanty, DGM, HRMD

  2. Shri Rahul Kanta, AGM, HRMD

  3. Shri Rajesh Satapathy, AM, HRMD

The meeting was conducted to brief the bidders about our specific requirements and to address their queries. Further to the discussions held with the tenderers, clarifications arrived thereof are indicated as under.

Sl. No. Queries raised by firm’s representative Clarification given by the Bank
1 Vendor expressed that Security Deposit (SD) does not bear any interest and deposit of SD and Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) locks an amount of ₹2.5 lakh as capital which can not be used for day to day running of the firm. They, therefore, requested the Bank to consider keeping either of the two i.e. SD or PBG, for the contract. Now it is decided that the successful bidder will be required to submit only 5% of the estimated contract amount i.e., ₹1,25,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Twenty-Five Thousand Only) as Security Deposit during the entire duration of the contract. No interest shall be paid on the Security Deposit amount by the Bank.
2 Clarification regarding maintenance charges of the Tea/Coffee Vending Machines. The installation and maintenance of the tea/coffee vending machines will be carried out by the Vendor and the cost for the same will be borne by the Vendor.

• All above points are noted and agreed by the firm.

  1. These minutes of pre-bid meeting shall form the part of bid document/Agreement.

  2. Rest of the terms and conditions and specifications of the bid document shall continue to remain same.

  3. The above amendments/ clarifications are issued for the information for all the intending Vendors.

  4. The submission of bid by the firm shall be construed to be in conformity to the bid document and amendments/ clarifications given above.

General Manager (O-i-C)
RBI, Bhubaneswar
September 15, 2023