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Date : Jan 19, 2024
Minutes of the Pre-bid Meeting - Empanelment of Car Hiring Agencies/Companies by Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai


An open tender for the captioned work was floated on January 01, 2024. As per the tender time lines and Schedule of Tender, the Pre-bid meeting was held on January 11, 2024 at 12.00 PM in Conference Room of Mumbai Regional Office, Fort, Mumbai.

2. In terms of the schedule of tender, queries for pre-bid meeting have been received on January 11, 2024. In the pre-bid meeting, eight (08) bidders had participated i.e. M/s. Shree Ram travels Pvt. Ltd, M/s. Pais Auto Pvt Ltd, M/s. Gawde Travels, M/s. Goodluck Transports, M/s. Pioneer Travels, M/s Akbar Travels, First Cars Pvt. Ltd, M/s Fab Car Travels and raised the queries with respect to the tender document.

The following participated the Pre-bid meeting.

Sr No. Name (Mr./Ms.)
  Reserve Bank of India
1 Shri Sandeep Mahajan, DGM (HRMD)
2 Shri Abhay R Joshi, AGM (HRMD)
3 Shri Satnam Singh Chowdhary, Manager
4 Shri Vinod V Shelke, AM
5 Shri Sunny Mukherjee, AM
6 Shri. Jayesh Aher, Assistant
1 Shri. Rahul Salvi, M/s. Shree Ram travels Pvt. Ltd
2 Shri Henry Pais, M/s. Pais Auto Pvt Ltd
3 Shri Dipesh Gawde, M/s Gawde Travels
4 Shri. Simran Singh, M/s. Goodluck Transports
5 Shri. Deelip G, M/s Pioneer Travels
6 Shri. Sujith Dasan, M/s. Akbar Travels
7 Shri. Amit Hiremath, First Cars Pvt. Ltd.
8 Shri. Imran, M/s Fab Car Travels

3. The issues raised by the vendors regarding the Technical and Commercial Specifications and other Terms and Conditions, Article of agreement, Schedule of quantity, Price bid and related with MSTC queries were clarified/noted. The clarifications to the points raised by the vendors are furnished in the Annex. - A.

Minutes of pre-bid meeting held on January 11, 2024 - Clarification of queries

Annexure A

Sl. No. Reference from tender document Query from Vendor Our Reply
1 Para 1.20, Page no.18 Whether EMD is exempted in case of MSME category vendors? As the tender value is exceeding Rs 10 lakhs, waiver of EMD amount for MSME category vendors will not be applicable for this tender
2 Sl. no. 1, Page no. 61 Will the following areas be considered for outstation duty while ascertaining jurisdiction of MMRDA region:
  1. Virar for Western region
  2. Panvel for Habour region
  3. Kalyan for Central region
The entire Mumbai Metropolitan Region, as defined by MMRDA (Municipal corporations of Greater Mumbai i.e. Thane, Kalyan, Dombivali, Navi Mumbai, Ulhasnagar, Bhiwandi-Nizampur, Vasai-Virar, Mira-Bhayandar and Panvel and Municipal Councils viz. Ambarnath, Kulgaon-Badalapur, Matheran, Karjat, Khopoli, Pen, Uran, Alibag and Palghar) will be considered as local duty.
3 Sl. No. M, Page No-5 Whether the amount of security deposit/ performance guarantee would be split among the successful vendors If more than one vendor is empanelled? Yes. The amount of the Bank Guarantee for security deposit equivalent to 5% of estimated value of tender has been fixed at Rs. 22,50,000/-. and the Bank Guarantee amount will be split equally among the empanelled vendors as decided by the Bank.
4 Para 1.17, Sl. No. c, Page no.17 Is it necessary for the Income Tax Assessment orders for the period of three financial years to be certified by a Chartered Accountants? Yes, Income Tax Assessment orders along with latest final order and credit worthiness certificate from the bankers with a copy of the specified accounts of the business of the contractor for a period of three financial years duly certified by a Chartered Accountant should be enclosed in support of credit worthiness and turnover.
5 Sl no. H, Page no. 4 What will be the amount of transaction fees? The transaction cost is 0.05% of estimated value of procurement per event subject to a maximum of Rs. 15,000/- plus applicable taxes
6   For how many years can the tender be extended? This contract will ordinarily be valid for a period of 12 months commencing from April 01, 2024 upto March 31, 2025. However, as mentioned in page no. 23 of the tender document, the contract may be renewed for further period (maximum two years, one year at a time) on the existing/ revised terms and conditions to be mutually agreed upon between the parties. The Bank reserves the right to extend the contract for further period on terms and conditions mutually agreed upon.
7 Sl. No. iii, Page no.15 Whether car models mentioned in ongoing car hire tender of RBI, MRO will be considered for fleet eligibility criteria? No, only the car models specified in para 1.16 (iii) and (iv) shall be considered for meeting the eligibility criteria of 25 owned cars.
8 Part-I (Section-ii) Para 1.16 (x), Page No.16 Whether CNG variant cars would be considered? Yes. Without compromise to boot space in cars.
9 Para 1.16 Sl. No. iii, Page-15 Is it necessary to quote rate for hiring of car in Category IV, since the availability of the said Category car for commercial/ taxi use is low? As specified in the tender document, the tenderer may not apply for a category if it does not own the vehicle mentioned in that particular category.
10 Sl. No. 5 and 6, Page No. Page no. 62 Whether parking/toll charges will be considered in addition to the quoted rates? No parking charges would be paid in the case of airport/ railway station drop duty. However, for Airport/Railway pick up duty, the parking charges (from upto 1 hour before scheduled/ actual flight arrival time till after pick up of guest) will be paid on production of original bills/receipts. The toll charges would be paid only on production of original receipt.
11 Sl. No. 11, Page-24 Whether kilometre charges for airport pick-up/drop duty from Kalyan and Thane will be paid? Yes.