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Date : Feb 02, 2024
Minutes of the Pre-Bid Meeting - Integrated Facility Management Services for the Bank’s Various Properties Located at Kochi – (a) Reserve Bank of India, Ernakulam North, Kochi, (b) Reserve Bank Officers’ Quarters, Ernakulam North, Kochi and (c) Reserve Bank Staff Quarters, Judges Avenue, Kaloor, Kochi


E-tender - No: RBI/Kochi Regional Office/Estate/6/23-24/ET/380

The Prebid meeting for the captioned work was held at 15:00 hrs. on January 31, 2024, in the Conference Room on the third floor of Main Office Building, RBI, Kochi, as per the Notice Inviting Tender published in RBI website and newspaper.

The Bank’s Officials Representatives of Firms
1. Shri Vineeth R Nair, AGM (estate)
2. Smt. Sudha K. (Mgr., Estate)
3. Shri. Senthilkumar S (AM, Estate)
4. Shri Shabeer Ali (AM P&SO)
5. Shri. P M Harikrishnan, Senior Assistant
1. Shri Rahul Jayaraj for M/s Perfect
2. Shri Danish V P for M/s Genesis
3. Shri Vijay S Pillai for M/s Lion
4. Shri Ajil Sankar for M/s UDS

Shri Vineeth R Nair, Assistant General Manager, Estate Section welcomed the participants of the meeting and invited queries, if any, from the prospective bidders regarding the captioned tender. He explained various aspects of the tenders and Bank’s requirements, which need to be taken care of in their bids. Queries put forth by the representatives and clarifications given by the Bank are tabulated below:

Sr. No. Point raised by the contractor Comments/ Remarks
1 Whether the bidder should submit documentary evidence for having an office / service set-up in Ernakulam district since last 5 years ending December 31, 2023. Yes. Documentary evidence for having office /service set up at Ernakulam District since last 5 years ending December 31, 2023 is to be submitted.
2 Whether the contractor is required to bear the additional wages applicable to the staff deployed for working on National Holidays? Please refer to Clause 3.59 under “General Terms and Conditions’ of the tender. As specified therein any other additional wage applicable as per any statute including wages for working on National holidays etc. shall also be borne by the contractor and such charges shall be taken into account and be included under serial no. 6 of the financial bid, while quoting the tender.
3 Whether full strength is required for holidays. Yes, please refer to Section 5 of the tender document - Deployment of man power, wherein the minimum requirement of duties for all the works are specified.
4 Is ESI mandatory for all the staff under the contract? Para 1.16 of the tender document may be referred to. The personnel who are not eligible for ESI will be eligible for Medical Insurance cover. The charges for the Insurance cover shall be borne by the Contractor.

Accordingly, para “1.16” in page number 14, stands corrected / amended as given below:

The successful bidder has to pay the PF, ESI and Annual Bonus mandatorily for their staff deployed at the Bank as per the relevant statutes, even if the bidder is not statutorily required to pay the same to the bidder's staff. The Staff who are not eligible for ESI shall be provided with Medical Insurance cover. The charges for the Insurance cover shall be borne by the Contractor.

The annual charges for the same (employer's contribution in case of PF and ESI/ medical insurance) and their possible increase in future shall be quoted under serial no. 6 f the financial bid. Only in case of PF, if the staff, after his deployment in the Bank, gives a declaration in writing to the Bank that the staff is not willing to be enrolled in PF, shall the bidder abstain from paying PF for the particular staff. However, while quoting, such factors shall not be considered by the bidder and the bidder shall mandatorily include the charges of PF also under serial no. 6 of the financial bid

The meeting concluded by 16.30 hrs.

Please note:

(i) This document (minutes of the Pre-Bid Meeting) shall form a part of the tender.

(ii) Rest of the terms and conditions and specifications of the bid document shall continue to remain the same.

(iii) The above amendments/ clarifications are issued for the information of all the intending bidders.

(iv) The submission of bid by the firm shall be construed to be in conformity to the bid document and amendments/ clarifications given above

General Manager (O-i-C)
Reserve Bank of India, Kochi

01 February, 2024