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Date : Feb 08, 2024
Minutes of Pre-bid Meeting - Facility Management Service & Annual Maintenance Contract for Computers Hardware, Software and Peripherals at Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad


e-Tender No. - RBI/Ahmedabad Regional Office/Others/1/23-24/ET/436

The pre-bid meeting for the captioned tender was conducted at 10:30 am on February 7, 2024, in Conference Room, Main Office Building, Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad Regional Office.

The meeting was attended by the following officials of Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad, and representatives of vendors:

Participants from Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad:

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Shri Rajendra Balaut Deputy General Manager
2. Ms. Astha Sharma Manager
3. Shri Mayank Barthwal Assistant Manager
4. Shri Satish Pampaniya Assistant

Representatives of Vendors:

Sr. No. Name of the Representatives Name of the Vendors
1. Shri Kulin Vora BeeKayIT NetSec Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
2. Shri S.P. Bahuguna Bharat IT Services Ltd.
3. Shri Harsh Bhatt Kaizen IT Service Pvt. Ltd.
4. Shri Jignesh R Shah Silvertouch Technologies Ltd.
5. Shri Manoj M. Patel Silvertouch Technologies Ltd.

The queries raised by the vendors and clarifications given by RBI are listed below.

Sr. No. Queries raised by the participants Clarification given
1. Whether replacement of parts/ components has to be with assets of the same company or any equivalent product? The details pertaining to replacement of parts are furnished in para 9 (read with para 2, under General Terms and Conditions) of the tender document.
2. What are the details of minimum wages to be paid to the Resident Engineers? Vendors may refer to para 37 (under General Terms and Conditions) of the tender document. Vendors are required to comply with Central Government guidelines and statutory regulations in respect of minimum wages.

It was further clarified that the date of closing of online e-tender for submission of Bid (Technical as well as Financial Bid) is February 27, 2024 (3:00 pm).

Bidders shall note that all the above clarifications provided by the Bank along with the details indicated in the Tender document shall form part of the Tender/ Contract.