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Date : Feb 08, 2024
Minutes of the Pre-Bid Meeting - Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Service Contract for Pest Control Services (CAMSC) in Bank’s four premises at Bhubaneswar

e-Tender No: RBI/Bhubaneswar Regional Office/Estate/20/23-24/ET/366

Pre-bid meeting for the captioned e-tender was held on February 06, 2024, in the Video Conference Room, 2nd floor, RBI, Bhubaneswar, to discuss some clauses of the tender and to clarify queries, if any, raised by the interested vendors/ bidders. The meeting was attended by the following persons:

Representatives of the Bank Representative of the Vendors
i. Shri, Sasanka Mohanty, DGM, ED
ii. Shri Ritu Raj, AGM, ED
iii. Shri Neeraj Kumar Mishra, AM (AMC), ED
iv. Shri Bishwadip Das, AM, Maintenance desk, ED
v. Shri Pranab Dash, Assistant (AMC), ED
i. M/s Central Warehousing Corporation
ii. M/s Nirvan Indocare Private Limited
iii. M/s PCI Pest Control Private Limited
iv. M/s Bharat Pest Management
v. M/s BBDS services
vi. M/s BP Pest control

2. Discussions were held among the representatives of the Bank and Vendors, clarifications arrived thereof are tabulated below:

S.N. Reference to Tender Clause/ Section Subject matter of the discussion/ Queries raised by the interested bidders Clarification provided
1. Clause 13 of Section-I of Tender Document
Price bid on the last page of Tender Document
How to fill the Price-Bid MSTC Portal based Price-Bid Filling Process was explained to the bidders. It was further informed that the Financial Bid is liable to be rejected if the rate quoted in any item is zero or not reasonable as per the discretion of the Bank. Further, they were instructed that quoting of all rates/ amounts is to be done with 2 decimal places without any round-off/ up/ down. If no decimal is present in quoted value, it shall be treated as having “.00” decimal place.

All the participants were cautioned to follow due diligence regarding the bidding process in MSTC Portal. They were advised to register on the MSTC Portal to enable themselves to participate in the tender. They were further advised to quote annual rates (inclusive of GST) in the 14 Lots of Price Bid on MSTC.
2. Clause 4(h) of Notice inviting tender Client Certificates The bidders were advised to upload the Client Certificate as per enclosed Proforma from at least two of their clients for whom they have carried out eligible works in terms of eligibility (Pre-qualification) criteria described in the notice inviting tenders. They were also instructed to go through all instructions mentioned in clause 4(h) for “Client certificate”.
3. Clause 4(i) of Notice inviting tender Banker’s certificate Upon enquiries by some of the vendors, all the present vendors were advised to upload the Banker's certificate from their banker/ bankers as per the Annex- G
4. Clause 4 (j) of Notice inviting tender Certificate The tenderers were advised to submit a copy of a valid license issued by an appropriate authority for carrying out Pest Control work.
5. Clause 4(k) of Notice inviting tender Signed copy of tender The bidders were also advised that the signed and scanned tender is to be uploaded online on MSTC portal along with other documents.
6. Clause 4(l) of Notice inviting tender Service Set-up The bidders were informed that they should either have a service set-up at Bhubaneswar or nearby city within approx. 100 km radius, or should provide a declaration to set its service set-up at Bhubaneswar within 1 month of award of work (in case of emerging as successful bidder)

(Document in support of the same is to be uploaded in the e-tendering portal).
7. Pre-Qualification criteria in general Pre-Qualification criteria It was reiterated that non-submission of the Pre-Qualification documents may result in rejection of the participation of the bidder.
8. Annexure-C of Tender Document Use of pesticide Bidders were informed regarding the pesticides banned, refused registration and restricted in use.
9. Clause 5(B) of Section III of Tender Document Fogging treatment Bidders were advised to use appropriate fogging method/ material to ensure maximum effectiveness. They were advised to read and follow the scope of work detailed in Section – III. They were informed that, if treatment is not found effective, additional treatment at no extra cost will have to be carried out. Lastly, vendors were advised to quote their rates accordingly by factoring in all the conditions/ scenarios.
10. Clause 4(g) of Notice inviting tender Details of completed works Bidders were advised to furnish details of Client-wise names of work(s), year(s) of execution of work(s), awarded and actual cost(s) of executed work(s), completion time stipulated in the contract (s) and actual time taken to complete the work (s), name(s) and full contact-details of the officer / authorities/ departments under whom the work (s) was / were executed should be furnished.
11. Clause 9 of Section II of Tender Document Insurance Clause/ Indemnity to employer Bidders were advised to take a thorough look of the insurance clause so that necessary protection may be obtained in case of any unfortunate incident during the contract period. Vendors were advised to take insurance/ covers/ policies as per the requirement of the tender.
12. Clause 17 of Section I of Tender Document EMD Bidders were advised that the documents pertaining to EMD should be scanned and uploaded with the pre- Qualification documents.

The bidders were clarified that the Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) having Udyam Registration Number (Udyog Aadhar Memorandum Number), irrespective of the category, shall be exempted from the requirement of submission of Earnest Money Deposit [EMD] at the time of bidding in all procurement of works (goods, services, and works contract) estimated to cost up to Rs. 10 Lakh (including all taxes, duties, etc.).

3. Further, bidders were advised to carefully undertake the bidding on the MSTC and ensure that they are registered on the MSTC Portal/ Website and are also allowed by the Bank to participate in the bid for the captioned tender. Bidders were asked to coordinate with MSTC Support Persons and Estate Department Officials if they face any issue while undertaking the bidding for the captioned e-Tender. Bidders were also advised to understand the scope of the work and to examine the work & site conditions by visiting the sites of the work.

4. All the above-mentioned points were noted and agreed by the representative of the firms that:

  1. These minutes of pre-bid meeting shall form the part of Bid document/ Agreement.

  2. Rest of the terms and conditions, and specifications of the Bid document shall continue to remain same.

  3. The above clarifications are issued for the information for all the intending bidders.

  4. The submission of bid by the firm shall be construed to be in conformity to the Bid document and Amendments/ Clarifications given above.

Regional Director
RBI, Bhubaneswar