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Date : Feb 08, 2024
Minutes of Pre-bid Meeting - Deployment of Private security guards at office and residential premises of RBI, Patna

The Pre-Bid meeting for the captioned e-Tender having e-Tender No: RBI/Patna Regional Office/Estate/7/23-24/ET/360/[Security Guards- BMOP and Col] was conducted on February 05, 2024 at 03:00 PM at Board Room, Second Floor at Banks Main Office Building, RBI Patna. The following officials of RBI and intending bidders were present during the meeting:

Sl. No. Name & Designation of RBI Official
1 Shri Sandipan Chatterjee, Assistant General Manager
2 Shri Aman Choudhary, Manager
3 Shri Sachin Singh, Assistant Manager

Sl. No Name of the intending bidder Name of the representative of the intending bidder
1 M/s Tiger 4 India Ltd. Shri Rajeev Kumar Singh &
Shri Balram Singh
2 M/s Bombay Intelligence Security (India) Ltd. Shri D.K.Choudhary
3 M/s Principle Security & Allied Services Pvt. Ltd. Shri Rajiv Ranjan
4 M/s AP Securitas Pvt. Ltd. Shri Kaushlendra
5 M/s Premier Vigilance & Security Pvt. Ltd. Shri Om Prakash Tiwari

2. The queries from the prospective bidders regarding the captioned tender and clarifications for the same are as follows:

Sr. No.

Query/ Proposals



Whether the Workmen compensation policy charges are to be quoted separately in the bid?

Charges related to Workmen compensation policy for all deployed Security Personnel during the contract period are to be borne by the successful bidder. The successful bidder needs to submit the Workmen compensation policy within the time stated in their workorder.


Whether PSA should have presence in minimum three states including the State of Bihar?

PSA should have presence in minimum three States with valid PSARA 2005 license for each State separately including for the State of Bihar.


Whether the conditions related to Cost of previous works as mentioned in page 17 para 3(D) of tender document is for one year or for whole tender period?

The conditions related to cost of previous similar works as mentioned in page 17 para 3(D) of tender document is for one year assignment. The agency is required to submit proof of experience of having successfully completed similar works (providing security guards) during last five years ending March 31, 2023 (submit copies of annual work orders)


Whether PSA can provide mobile number for establishing contact with them, in case of unavailability of landline phone?

PSA may provide mobile number in case of unavailability of landline phone.

Please note:
A This document (Minutes of the Pre-bid meeting) shall form a part of the tender/ agreement. Hence, it shall be signed and submitted along with the tender by the tenderers.
B Rest of the terms and conditions and specifications as mentioned in the tender documents shall continue to remain the same.
C The above amendments/ clarifications are issued for the information of all the intending bidders.
D The submission of bid by the firm shall be construed to be in conformity to the bid document and amendments/ clarifications given above.
E In case any vendors have already uploaded their bids to the MSTC portal before issuance of this Minutes of the Pre-bid meeting cum Corrigendum, they are advised to revise their bids and re upload their bids to the MSTC portal.

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India, Patna