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Date : Feb 09, 2024
Minutes of the Pre-Bid Meeting Cum Corrigendum - Annual Service Contract for Providing services of Sniffer Dogs with Handlers at Bank’s Office Buildings at Nagpur

Extension of Last Date of Submission

(e-Tender No - RBI/Nagpur Regional Office/Others/2/23-24/ET/357)

The Prebid meeting for the captioned tender was held on February 07, 2024 at 10:30 Hrs. through CISCO WebEx. The following staff members of RBI and firms/prospective tenderers were present during the pre-bid meeting:

S. No. Name and Designation of the RBI Official
i. Capt Maruti S Falke, Manager (Protocol & Security Establishment)
ii. Lt Col Amitabh K Srivastava, Assistant Manager (Security)
iii. Shri Avinash Kumar, Assistant Manager (Security)
iv. Major Sneha S Itty, Assistant Manager (Security)
v. Shri Saurabh Verma, Assistant Manager
vi. Shri Chetan B. Khandoji, Assistant Manager
vii. Shri Markat Keshari Patra, Assistant
viii. Shri Sriram Kumar, Assistant

S. No. Name of the Firm/ Prospective tenderers Name of the Representative
i. M/s Universal K9 Shri Amit Mukherjee

2. The following queries/proposals were raised in the pre-bid meeting:

S. No Query/Proposal Clarifications furnished by the Bank
i. Kindly clarify about the requirement of number of Dog Handlers and Sniffer Dogs. Kindly refer to Clause 1 (i) of Section H “General Instructions to Contractors and Special Conditions of the Contract” (Page No. 43), The Agency shall provide well trained 02 Sniffer Dogs and 02 handlers each at MOB and AOB, preferably Labradors as per the duty schedule given by the Bank.

Accordingly, total 04 Sniffer dogs and 04 Dog Handlers will be provided by the agency.
ii. Will the accommodation facilities for Dogs and Dog Handlers be provided by the Bank? Bank is not bound to provide such accommodation facilities to Dogs and Dog Handlers. In case any provision is made, same will be a temporary arrangement and contractor may accommodate their dog handler and Sniffer dogs in such temporary arrangement at their own risk and cost. Bank will not be held responsible for any harm or damage caused to Dogs and Dog Handlers during their stay.

Accordingly, the tenderers are advised to cater for the cost of such accommodation facilities in their administrative cost while quoting for the tender.
iii. Whether submitting the tender will be online only? Yes, the tender shall be submitted online only through MSTC portal (https://www.mstcecommerce.com/eprocn). The intending tenderers are advised to kindly register on MSTC portal to participate in the said e-tendering process.
iv. Whether MSME bidders or bidders registered with the NSIC are exempted from remitting EMD? No, as per the Bank’s policy, Micro and Small Enterprises having Udyam Registration Number (Udyog Aadhar Memorandum Number) irrespective of category, are exempted from payment of EMD for all the procurements (goods, services or work contracts) having an estimated cost of up to ₹10 Lakh.

For this e-Tender, the estimated cost of work is ₹24.50 Lakh, so EMD exemption for MSEs is not applicable.
v. Whether it is mandatory to submit the certificate of registration under Shops and Establishment Act? Kindly refer to Clause 3 (a) of Section E “Eligibility Criteria for participating in the e-Tender” (Page No. 24), the intending tenderer needs to submit Registration Certificate of the Establishment issued by the relevant authority.
vi. We have client certificates issued by our clients in the past. Is it mandatory for us to get new client certificate issued for participating in this tender? The tenderers may submit the client certificates for each of the prequalification work/s as specified in the tender. Certificates issued in the past can also be submitted, provided that they are in the Bank’s specified format/ consisting all details as required by the Bank. Bank reserves its rights to verify the genuineness of such client certificates at its end.
vii. Will the client certificates issued by private sector entities be acceptable? Kindly refer to Clause 3 (d) of Section E “Eligibility Criteria for participating in the e-Tender” (Page No. 25-26), Client's report issued by private organization shall be accepted provided that they are accompanied by relevant TDS Certificates.
viii. Is power of attorney necessary to be submitted in case of a proprietorship firm? Power of attorney is not required in case proprietor is signing the tender documents himself. However, an undertaking in this regard must be submitted by the tenderers.
ix. What category of minimum wages shall be applicable under this contract? As there is no separate classification of Sniffer Dogs Handlers in Minimum wages notification issued by Central government, the minimum wages notified for employees employed in Watch and Ward duties (without arms) as per order F. No. 1/ 8(6)/ 2023- LS-II dated September 26, 2023 has been considered for arriving at Total Wages per annum for 04 Dog Handlers employed under this contract.
x. Please provide more clarity about Price Bid. Kindly refer to Part-II (Price Bid) (Page No. 78-79) of the tender document. The prices shall be quoted online in the MSTC portal. Price bid comprises of the following three Components:-

(i) Component A- Cost towards Minimum Wages of the sniffer dog handlers as per Central Minimum Wages per Annum. The value of this component is arrived at as explained under point (ix) above. This is a fixed component (fixed at ₹12,88,260/-, calculations for the same are shown in the tender document). Tenders having quoted rates below the prescribed minimum wages rates shall be summarily rejected.

(ii) Component B- Charges for providing 04 Sniffer Dogs including Dog’s Food, Medicine etc. per annum in INR (excluding GST). It must be quoted in Positive Numeral only in INR.

(iii) Component C- Annual Service Charge. Excluding GST but inclusive of wages and allowances paid to the dog handlers by the contractor over and above the rates specified under the minimum wages, cost of uniform of Dog Handlers, training and testing of Sniffer Dogs and Dog Handers, Medical tests, treatment and vaccination of Sniffer Dogs and Handlers, contractor’s profit & overhead, Workmen compensation policy, Contractors all risk policy, Third Party Liability Insurance, Bonus payment to dog handlers (if applicable), transportation, loading and unloading, freight charges, transit insurance and other administrative charges and all taxes, duty or other levy levied by Central Government or any State Government or local authority if applicable other than Good and Service Tax (GST). This component also needs to be quoted in Positive Numeral only in INR.

If rate for any item is not quoted or quoted in any format other than specified, the tender will be summarily rejected.
xi Kindly clarify on the requirement of Bio-data form (Annexure-IX) pertaining to the workers to be employed. Kindly refer to Clause 1 (xxiii) of Section H (Page No. 45) “General Instructions to Contractors and Special Conditions of the Contract”, of the tender document for details. Successful contractor will be required to submit Full biodata (in format as prescribed under Annexure-IX (Page No. 74)), including passport size photograph along with the Police Verification/ clearance Certificate and Valid Photo ID Card, of each dog handler before employing them at the Bank’s premises.
xii. Labour license is not applicable in case a single contract involving less than 20 workers. Do I need to necessarily submit Copy of License under Section12 (1) of Contract Labour (R&A) Act 1970 read with section 21 of Contract Labour Act 1971 as specified in the tender? Tenderers are advised to submit an undertaking in case of non-applicability of License under Section12 (1) of Contract Labour (R&A) Act 1970 read with section 21 of Contract Labour Act 1971 for their entity.
xiii. Do I need to submit performance Bank Guarantee of 5% of the contract value in addition to Retention Money of 5% of the contract value? Kindly refer to Section 9 (b) and 9 (d) of Section H (Page No. 49-50) “General Instructions to Contractors and Special Conditions of the Contract”, successful tenderer is required to furnish an amount equal to 5% (five percent) of the contract value in the form of an irrevocable Bank Guarantee towards Retention Money Deposit (RMD). Further, in addition to the retention money, the successful tenderer shall submit a Performance (Bank) Guarantee (PBG) of an amount equal to 5% (five percent) of the contract value.
xiv. Whether I can submit a single Bank Guarantee of amount equal to 10% of the contract value towards RMD and PBG? Yes, the successful contractor may submit a single Bank Guarantee of amount equal to 10% of the contract value towards RMD and PBG.
xv. Do I need to submit a declaration regarding adherence to Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013? The condition of adherence to Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 is an integral part of this tender and shall also be a necessary clause in the agreement. Accordingly, there is no need to submit a separate declaration to this effect by the tenderers.

3. All the above points were noted and agreed by the firms. Firms were advised to adhere to the prequalification criteria and all terms & conditions mentioned in the tender documents.

Please note:
A This document (Minutes of the Pre-bid meeting cum corrigendum) shall form a part of the tender. Hence, it shall be signed and submitted along with the tender by the tenderers.
B Rest of the terms and conditions and specifications as mentioned in the tender documents shall continue to remain the same.
C The above amendments/ clarifications are issued for the information of all the intending bidders.
D The submission of bid by the firm shall be construed to be in conformity to the bid document and amendments/ clarifications given above.
E In case any vendors have already uploaded their bids to the MSTC portal before issuance of this Minutes of the Pre-bid meeting cum Corrigendum, they are advised to revise their bids and re upload their bids to the MSTC portal.

GM O-i-C
Reserve Bank of India, Nagpur

Place: Nagpur
Date: February 09, 2024