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Date : Feb 10, 2024
Renovation, Alteration and Modification of Executive Common Waiting Area, Common Passage Area and Common Toilets (Gents & Ladies) of Executive Area at 5th Floor in Main Office Building, Reserve Bank of India, Guwahati

Reserve Bank of India, Guwahati invites following 02 nos. of e-tenders integrative way under Two Bid system (Techno-Commercial & Financial Bid) for the above mentioned work.

  1. RBI/Guwahati/Estate/34/23-24/ET/498

  2. RBI/Guwahati/Estate/35/23-24/ET/499

The tender forms can be downloaded/ viewed from February 10, 2024 from RBI website www.rbi.org.in and MSTC e-portal at www.mstcecommerce.com.

Please note that you have to submit your bid in both of the above mentioned e-tenders to participate in the e-tendering process. Hence, the total pre-qualifications criterions/ quoted amounts incorporated in both e-tenders will be considered for qualifications or awarding of work thereof.

Your tender, duly filled-in and e-signed, should be submitted by e-tendering mode only through MSTC New Common Portal www.mstcecommerce.com. The schedule and brief details of the e-tendering process are as follows:

1. Total Estimated Cost: ₹48,94,328/-

2. Total Earnest Money: ₹97,887/-

3. Publication of Event- Date and Time: 10.02.2024 from 11:00 Hours

4. Bid Start Date and Time: 10.02.2024 from 11:00 Hours

5. Pre-Bid Meting: 16.02.2024 from 11:00 Hours at Bank Main Office Building

6. Bid Close Date and Time: 01.03.2024 at 14:00 Hours

7. TOE (Part-I) Start Date and Time: 01.03.2024 from 15:00 Hours

Any amendment(s) / corrigendum / clarifications with respect to this tender shall be uploaded on the website / e-portal only.

Bank is not bound to accept the lowest tender and reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders, either in whole or in part, without assigning any reasons for doing so.

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India
North Eastern States