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Tenders Awarded

Tender numberRBI/Nagpur/Issue/16/22-23/ET/557
Date of publication of NITJan 16, 2023
Nature of workRemittance of coins through closed metal body containers under Bank Guarantee in Nagpur city and in Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh
Mode of tender enquiryMSTC Web-portal
Type of bidding (single/two bid system)Two Bid System
Last date of receipt of tenderFeb 24, 2023
Number of tenders received2 (Two)
Nos. and names of parties qualified after technical evaluation 2 (Two)
1. M/s Currency Movers
2. M/s Sachin Singh
Nos. and names of parties not qualified after technical evaluation Nil
Commercial Bid Ranking, if any-
Final Ranking, if any-
Whether contract awarded to lowest tenderer/evaluated L1Yes
Contract number and dateवि. नाग मुद्रा (विप्रेषण) स S 3160/15.01.004/2022-23 dated March 20, 2023 (M/s Currency Movers)
वि. नाग मुद्रा (विप्रेषण) स S 3155/15.01.004/2022-23 dated March 20, 2023 (M/s Sachin Singh)
Name of contractorM/s Currency Movers (60%) &
M/s Sachin Singh (40%)
Value of contract₹30 Lakhs
Scheduled date of completion of suppliesMar 31, 2024
Actual date of start of workApr 01, 2023
Actual date of completion of work -
Reasons for delay, if any-