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Electronic Reporting System

XOS Package for ADs
User Manual 115 kb
Installation Instruction 29 kb
XOS New 260 kb
XOS AD Setup 3907 kb
XOS Structure 37 kb
Overseas Investment Application
User Manual 21 kb 13 kb
Reporting Mechanism
Data of Authorised Dealers Category Branches 28150 kb
XOS Package for ADs
Circular 30 kb 74 kb
NRD - CSR software
NRD-CSR Version 3.0 1 kb
XOS Package for ADs
Installation Package 3 kb
FETERS software
Patch (for existing users of FET-ERS Version 6.2) 720 kb
Installation Procedure 21 kb
Install.bat - (Batch File Right Click and Download the exe ) 4 kb
PKUNZIP - (Right Click and Download the exe) 30 kb
FET-ERS Package (For IBDs of all banks)
(Latest version updated on May 20, 2004)
1 kb
Feters - Guidlines 138 kb
New Purpose codes for reporting forex transactions 143 kb