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The Reserve Bank’s approach to customer service focusses on protection of customers’ rights, enhancing the quality of customer service, spreading awareness and strengthening the grievance redressal mechanism in banks and also in the Reserve Bank.

Payment System

1. Paper based clearing
Clearing Houses
MICR codes
MICR Codes of Bank Branches under the Jurisdiction of MICR Centres
MICR Codes of Bank Branches under the Jurisdiction of non-MICR Centres
Speed Clearing
Cheque Truncation System
Procedural Guideline for Cheque Truncation System
Uniform Regulations and Rules for Bankers' Clearing Houses
2. Real Time Gross Settlement
RTGS Holiday
RTGS Membership Regulations
Application Associated Documents and we
Frequently Asked Questions
List of RTGS enabled bank branches
3. National Electronic Funds Transfer
Procedural Guidelines
List of Participants
List of NEFT enabled bank branches (Consolidated Indian Financial System Code)
List of NEFT enabled bank Branches (Bank-wise Indian Financial System Code)
Customer Facilitation Centres
Application for participation in NEFT System
FAQs on NEFT System
FAQs on Indo-Nepal Remittance Facility scheme
4. Electronic Clearing Services
Bank Branches participating in ECS Centre-wise
Procedural Guidelines – ECS (Credit)
Procedural Guidelines – ECS (Debit)
List of ECS Centres
5. National Electronic Clearing Services
Procedural Guidelines
Bank Branches participating in NECS Centre-wise
6. Customer Facilitation Centres for NEFT and RTGS
Customer Facilitation Centres – NEFT
7. Authorisation of Payment and Settlement Systems Operators
Application Form and Instructions for Authorisation under PSS Act (Central Government Circular)
Application Form for seeking Authorisation under PSS Act
List of Authorised Entities - Payment System Operators
List of Banks Permitted to Provide Mobile Banking Service in India
List of Banks permitted for issuance and operation of Prepaid Payment Instruments in India
List of Banks permitted to operate as Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit (BBPOU)