RBI Working Papers

Jul 03, 2017
RBI WPS (DEPR): 08/2017: Phillips Curve Relationship in India: Evidence from State-Level AnalysisHarendra Behera, Garima Wahi and Muneesh Kapur 441 kb
Apr 10, 2017
RBI WPS (DEPR): 07/2017: What Explains Call Money Rate Spread in India?Sunil Kumar, Anand Prakash and Krishna M Kushawaha 765 kb
Apr 05, 2017
RBI WPS (DEPR): 06/2017: Risk-weighting under Standardised Approach of Computation of Capital for Credit Risk in Basel Framework – An Analysis of Default Experience of Credit Rating Agencies in IndiaAjay Kumar Choudhary, B Nethaji and Anirban Basu 307 kb
Mar 24, 2017
RBI WPS (DEPR): 05/2017: Comparison of Consumer and Wholesale Prices Indices in India: An Analysis of Properties and Sources of DivergencePraggya Das and Asish Thomas George 797 kb
Mar 15, 2017
RBI WPS (DEPR): 04/2017: Corporate Leverage in EMEs: Has the Global Financial Crisis Changed the Determinants?Snehal S. Herwadkar 405 kb
Feb 22, 2017
RBI WPS (DEPR): 03/2017: A Measure of Finance-Neutral Output Gap for IndiaDeba Prasad Rath, Pratik Mitra and Joice John 935 kb
RBI WPS (DEPR): 02/2017: The Unintended Side Effects of Basel III Liquidity Regulations on the Operating Target of Monetary PolicySitikantha Pattanaik, Rajesh Kavediya and Angshuman Hait 399 kb
Jan 11, 2017
RBI WPS (DEPR): 01/2017: How Asset Prices Interact with Bank Credit and Monetary Policy? Evidence from Emerging Market and Developing EconomiesBhupal Singh and Avadhoot R. Nadkarni 898 kb
Dec 26, 2016
RBI WPS (DEPR): 10/2016 : Modelling Corporate Sector Distress in IndiaManjusha Senapati and Saptarshi Ghosal 323 kb
Dec 14, 2016
RBI WPS (DEPR): 09/2016: Bank Lending and Loan Quality: The Case of IndiaPallavi Chavan and Leonardo Gambacorta 651 kb

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