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Date : 28 Jun 2016
List of Select Abbreviations
AEs Advanced economies
AFIs All India Financial Institutions
AFS Available for Sale
AIFs Alternative Investment Funds
AMC-MFs Asset Management Companies - Mutual Funds
AML Anti-Money Laundering
APMC Agricultural Produce Market Committee
AQR Asset Quality Review
AUC Assets Under Custody
AUM Assets Under Management
BCBS Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
BC-ICT Business Correspondent-Information Communication Technology
BSBDAs Basic Savings Bank Deposit Accounts
BSI Banking Stability Indicator
CCIL Clearing Corporation of India Limited
CCP Central Counter Party
CDs Certificate Of Deposits
CERSAI Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India
CGFSEL Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Educational Loans
CGFSSD Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Skill Development
CGTMSE Credit Guarantee Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises
CPs Commercial Papers
CRAR Capital to Risk-weighted Assets Ratio
CRGFTLIH Credit Risk Guarantee Fund Trust for Low Income Housing
CRILC Central Repository of Information on Large Credits
CRR Cash Reserve Ratio
CSO Central Statistical Office
DDoS Distributed Denial of Service
DER Debt equity ratio
DICGC Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
DRT Debt Recovery Tribunal
EBIT Earnings Before Interest and Taxes
EBITDA Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation
EBP Electronic Book Provider
EBPT Earnings Before Provisions and Taxes
EMEs Emerging Market Economies
ESMA European Securities and Markets Authority
FBs Foreign Banks
FATF Financial Action Task Force
FIPs Financial Inclusion Plans
FIU Financial Intillegence Unit
FLC Financial Literacy Centre
FMC Forward Markets Commission
FPIs Foreign Portfolio Investers
FRBM Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management
FSDC Financial Stability and Development Council
FSR Financial Stability Report
G2P Government to Person
GCC General Credit Card
GFC Global Financial Crisis
GNPAs Gross Non-Performing Advances
HFT Held for Trading
HQLAs High Quality Liquid Assets
HTM Held to Maturity
IABC Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
ICMA International Capital Market Association
ICR Interest coverage ratio
IEA International Energy Agency
IIP Index of industrial production
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMPS Immediate Payment Service
INDC Intended Nationally Determined Contribution
IRDAI Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India
JLF Joint Lenders’ Forum
KCC Kisan Credit Card
KPI Key Performance Indicators
KYC Know Your Customer
LCR Liquidity Coverage Ratio
MFI Micro finance Institutions
MOSPI Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
MSME Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises
NAM National Agriculture Market
NBFCs Non-Banking Financial Companies
NCGTC National Credit Guarantee Trustee Company
NCLT National Company Law Tribunal
NGNF Non-Government Non-Financial
NIIF National Investment and Infrastructure Fund
NIRP Negative Interest Rate Policy
NNPAs Net Non-Performing Advances
NPCI National Payments Corporation of India
NPS National Pension System
ODIs Offshore Derivatives Instruments
PAT Profit After Tax
PBs Payment Banks
PBT Profit Before Tax
PFRDA Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority
PMJDY Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana
PNs Participatory Notes
PPAC Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell
PSBs Public Sector Banks
QIBs Qualified Institutional Buyers
QIPs Qualified Institutional Placements
RTGS Real Time Gross Settlement
RWAs Risk-weighted Assets
SCBs Scheduled Commercial Banks
SEBI Securities and Exchange Board of India
SFBs Small Finance Banks
SLR Statutory Liquidity Ratio
SPV Special Purpose Vehicle
STRs Suspicious Transactions Reports
SUCBs Scheduled Urban Co-Operative Banks
TReDS Trade Receivables Discounting System
UCBs Urban Co-Operative Banks
UPI Unified Payment Interface