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Date : 30 Jun 2017
List of Select Abbreviations
AFS Available for Sale
AIFIs All India Financial Institutions
AMC-MFs Asset Management Companies-Mutual Funds
AML Anti-Money Laundering
ARCs Asset Reconstruction Companies
AT1 Additional Tier 1
AUM Assets Under Management
BCBS Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
BCT Blockchain Technology
BRR Business Responsibility Report
BSI Banking Stability Indicator
CAP Corrective Action Plan
CET1 Common equity Tier I
CP Commercial Paper
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPMI Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures
CRAR Capital to Risk-weighted Assets Ratio
CRAs Central Record-keeping Agencies
CRO Chief Risk Officer
CRR Cash Reserve Ratio
DER Debt Equity Ratio
DICGC Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
EBITDA Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation
ECL Expected Credit Loss
ECB European Central Bank / External Commercial Borrowings
EU European Union
FCA Financial Conduct Authority, UK
FCTR Foreign Currency Translation Reserve
FEMA Foreign Exchange Management Act
FIMMDA Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India
FMI Financial Market Infrastructure
FPI Foreign Portfolio Investment
FRBM Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management
FSAP Financial Sector Assessment Program
FSDC Financial Stability and Development Council
FSR Financial Stability Report
FVOCI Fair value through other comprehensive income
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GIMAR Global Insurance Market Report
GNPA Gross Non-Performing Advances
GST Goods and Services Tax
GVA Gross Value Added
HFCs Housing Finance Companies
HFT Held for Trading
HQLAs High Quality Liquid Assets
HTM Held to Maturity
IAIS International Association of Insurance Supervisors
ICR Interest Coverage Ratio
ICEX Indian Commodity Exchange
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IFSCs International Financial Services Centres
IGRP Investor Grievance Redressal Panel
IIRC International Integrated Reporting Council
Ind-AS Indian Accounting Standards
InvITs Infrastructure Investment Trusts
IOSCO International Organisation of Securities Commissions
IRACP Income Recognition, Asset Classification and Provisioning
IRDAI Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India
ISL Institute for Shipping Economics and Logistics
JLF Joint Lenders’ Forum
KYC Know Your Customer
LAF Liquidity Adjustment Facility
LCR Liquidity Coverage Ratio
MCA Ministry of Corporate Affairs
MIIs Market Infrastructure Institutions
MSF Marginal Standing Facility
MTM Marked-to-Market
NABARD National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
NBFC Non-Banking Financial Companies
NBFCs-D Non-Banking Financial Companies- Deposit Accepting
NBFCs-ND-SI Non-Banking Financial Companies- Non-Deposit Accepting-Systemically Important
NDOIS Non-Deliverable Overnight Indexed Swap
NDTL Net Demand and Time Liabilities
NEFT National Electronic Funds Transfer
NGNF Non-Government Non-Financial
NHB National Housing Bank
NIC Notes in Circulation
NII Net Interest Income
NNPA Net Non-Performing Advances
NOF Net Owned Fund
NPA Non-Performing Advances
NPS National Pension System
OCI Other Comprehensive Income
OFI Other Financial Intermediaries
OIEA Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
OIS Overnight Indexed Swap
OOI Other Operating Income
OTC Over the Counter
P2P Peer to Peer
PAT Profit after Tax
PBT Profit before Tax
PCA Prompt Corrective Action
PD Probability of Default
PF Pension Fund
PFRDA Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority
PMAY Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana
PMFBY Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana
PMI Purchasing Managers’ Index
POS Point of Sale
PSBs Public Sector Banks
PVBs Private Sector Banks
QIP Qualified Institutional Placement
RCAP Regulatory Capital Assessment Program
REITs Real Estate Investment Trusts
RTGS Real Time Gross Settlement
RWA Risk-Weighted Assets
RWI Rheinisch-Westfälisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung
SBNs Specified Bank Notes
SCBs Scheduled Commercial Banks
SEBI Securities and Exchange Board of India
SIDBI Small Industries Development Bank of India
SLR Statutory Liquidity Ratio
SMA Special Mention Account
SNRRA Special Non-Resident Rupee Account(s)
SREP Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process
SRS Systemic Risk Survey
SUCBs Scheduled Urban Co-operative Banks
TfT Trade for Trade
TRs Trade Repositories
UCBs Urban Co-operative Banks
UTI Unique Transaction Identifier
VAR Vector Auto Regression
VCFs Venture Capital Funds
VCs Virtual Currencies