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Date : Jan 24, 2024
List of Abbreviations
Chapter I: Panchayat Finances in India: An Overview
1. Introduction
2. Cross-country Experience in Local Government Finances
3. Functions and Finances of the PRIs in India
4. Transparency and e-Governance
5. Conclusion
Chapter II: Fiscal Position of Panchayati Raj Institutions
1. Introduction
2. The State of Panchayat Finances
3. Grants
4. Conclusion
  Annex: Data and Methodology
Chapter III: Role of Panchayats in Economic Development
1. Introduction
2. Panchayats and Rural Development
3. Panchayats and Agriculture Development
4. Role of Panchayats in Health
5. Role of Panchayats in Education
6. Panchayats and Women Empowerment
7. Empowerment of Panchayats
8. Conclusion
Chapter IV: Way Forward
II.1 Central Finance Commission Grants to RLBs
II.2 State Finance Commission Grants to Local Bodies
II.3 Grants-in-Aid and Horizontal Disparities
III.I Progress under Various Centrally Sponsored Rural Development Schemes
III.2 Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana
III.3 Status of Panchayat Empowerment in States
I.1 Functions Listed in the 11th Schedule of the Constitution
I.2 Status of State-wise Devolution of 29 Subjects to the Panchayats
II.1 Number of Panchayats
II.2 State-wise Number of Village Panchayats in the Balanced Panel
II.3 Revenue Receipts
II.4 Panchayat Finances - Key Ratios for 2020-23
II.5 Revenue Expenditure
III.1 Elected Women Representatives in PRIs
I.1 State-wise Number of PRIs
I.2 Structure of the Rural Local Bodies and their Functions
I.3 Local Government Sources of Revenue
I.4 Grants to Rural Local Bodies by Successive CFCs
II.1 Aggregate Revenue Receipts of Village Panchayats
II.2 Ratio of Revenue Receipts of Panchayats to States’ Own Revenue
II.3 Average Revenue of Village Panchayat
II.4 Own Non-Tax Revenue
II.5 Revenue Expenditure of Panchayats
II.6 Average Revenue Expenditure per Panchayat
II.7 Ratio of Revenue Expenditure to GSDP in 2020-21
II.8 Revenue Expenditure on Water Supply and Sanitation in 2022-23
II.9 Share of Capital Expenditure in Total Expenditure
II.10 Composition of Capital Expenditure in 2022-23
II.11 Ratio of Revenue Expenditure to Capital Expenditure
II.12 Components of Revenue of Panchayats in 2022-23
II.13 Components of State’s Revenue Receipts in 2022-23
III.1 Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Gram Panchayats in 2022-23
III.2 State-wise Average Panchayat Health, Nutrition and Sanitation Score and Infant Mortality (2018-19)
III.3 Shortfall in Primary Health Facilities in Rural Areas
III.4 State-wise Percentage of Children aged 6-14 Years Enrolled in Government Schools
I Revenue Receipts of Village Panchayats
II Revenue Expenditure of Village Panchayats