भारिबैं रिपोर्टिंग पोर्टल्स की सूची

1) XBRL Phase II URL: https://xbrl.rbi.org.in/phase2
2) XBRL Phase III URL: https://xbrl.rbi.org.in/orfsxbrl/
3) Balance of Payment Portal URL: https://bop.rbi.org.in/
4) FLAIR Portal URL: https://flair.rbi.org.in/
5) SMS Portal URL: https://sms.rbi.org.in/
6) FED Portal URL: https://fed.rbi.org.in/
7) PC-RPCD Portal URL: https://secweb.rbi.org.in/rpcd/
8) CISBI Portal URL: https://cisbi.rbi.org.in
9) FIRMS Portal URL: https://firms.rbi.org.in/firms
10) EDSP Portal URL: https://olddbie.rbi.org.in/EDSP
11) Data Collector Portal URL: https://datacollector.rbi.org.in/
12) ADEPT Portal URL: https://adept.rbi.org.in/CBSL
13) CIMS DRM Portal URL: https://sankalan.rbi.org.in
14) CIMS Common Login Portal URL: https://cims.rbi.org.in
(Existing XBRL, DBIE and SAARC portal will be discontinued once complete CIMS project goes LIVE).
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