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Accounting of past data in On-line Tax Accounting System(OLTAS) and Accounting of March Residual


April 4, 2005

The Chief Executive Officer
All Agency Banks
(As per list)

Dear Sir,

Accounting of past data in On-line Tax Accounting System(OLTAS) and Accounting of March Residual

Please refer to the discussion held in the meeting held at Indian Banks’ Association on March 04, 2005. As you may please recall, among other things, the requirement of submitting data relating to a particular nodal scroll date/nodal branch (ZAO)/major head combination to Tax Information Network (TIN) on a single day only was also discussed in the meeting. In this connection, keeping in view the need to have complete reporting of collection data on OLTAS and also to ensure uploading of residual/missing data, the Directorate of Income Tax (Systems) has made the following changes in the reporting systems:

a. Multiple files for any particular nodal scroll date/nodal branch(ZAO)/major head code combination will be accepted on different dates by TIN. Now, it will be possible to upload additional RT-01 record of a previous nodal scroll date along with a RT-01 of a current nodal scroll date although a nodal scroll for the previous date is already uploaded.

b. The banks can now upload any past data not uploaded earlier and they can merge the nodal branch scroll of an earlier date in the RT-01 of the current date. The facility of multiple upload of previous nodal branch scroll data will be effective without restriction of the number of times nodal branch scrolls of the same date have been uploaded earlier.

c. For files being transmitted to TIN, during the period from April 1, 2005 to April 16, 2005, two separate RT-01 records will have to be transmitted by the banks. The first RT-01 record will have nodal branch scroll dated March 31, 2005 (March residual) while the second RT-01 record will be that of the current date (financial year 2005-06). However, as usual, there will be one summary record i.e. RT-05 for each major head daily. The procedure of uploading March Residual data for financial year 2004-05 would continue upto April 16, 2005.

d. All data of previous financial year not uploaded earlier was required to be uploaded by March 31, 2005. However, in the extreme eventuality in which some missing data of previous financial year is to be uploaded even after March 31, 2005/April 16, 2005, the banks may do so following the procedure explained in para (a) & (b) above. However, no data of previous financial year should be uploaded in a nodal branch scroll bearing date later than March 31, 2005.

2. In this connection, a reference is also invited to the letter F. No-SW/07 /01/03/04/DIT(S)-19602 dated March 18, 2005 addressed to your Nodal Officer by the Directorate of Income Tax (Systems), New Delhi.

3. Please acknowledge receipt.

Yours faithfully,


General Manager