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Master Circulars

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Master Circular – Basel III Capital Regulations


July 1, 2014

All Scheduled Commercial Banks
(Excluding Local Area Banks
and Regional Rural Banks)

Madam / Sir,

Master Circular – Basel III Capital Regulations

Please refer to the Master Circular No.DBOD.BP.BC.2/21.06.201/2013-14 dated July 1, 2013, consolidating therein the prudential guidelines on capital adequacy issued to banks till that date.

2. As you are aware, Basel III Capital Regulations is being implemented in India with effect from April 1, 2013 in a phased manner. Accordingly, instructions contained in the aforesaid Master Circular have been suitably updated / amended by incorporating relevant guidelines, issued up to June 30, 2014.

3. The Basel II guidelines as contained in the Master Circular DBOD.No.BP.BC. 5/21.06.001/2014-15 dated July 1, 2014 on ‘Prudential Guidelines on Capital Adequacy and Market Discipline- New Capital Adequacy Framework (NCAF)’ may, however, be referred to during the Basel III transition period for regulatory adjustments / deductions up to March 31, 2017.

Yours faithfully,

(Rajesh Verma)
Chief General Manager-in-Charge

Encl.: As above