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Date : Nov 30, 2022
Sale of HT Panel, LT Panel, 400KVA Transformer and 250 KVA DG set at La-Gajjar Chamber, RBI Ahmedabad through E-Auction

Auction Number: MSTC/VAD/Reserve Bank of India/2/ Near Gandhi Bridge, Ahmedabad/22-23/29486

Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad intends to sell its following item on “as is where is basis” through E-auction:

Sr. No. Description of Items Transformer HT Panel HT Breaker LT Panel with LT Breaker D.G. Set with AMF Panel Cable
1 Company / Make Voltamp Crompton Greaves Ltd. Crompton Greaves Ltd. L&T (C-Power) Sudhir Gensets Ltd.  
2 Capacity 400 KVA Busbar Current-800A 800A 630A (Ckt. Breaker Model- CNCS 630S1) 250 KVA 1. Aluminium armored XLPE 3.5 CX400 mm2 (approx. 30 metre)                     
2.  Aluminium armored XLPE 3 CX185 mm2 (approx. 50 metre)    
3 Rate Voltage 11/0.433 KV 12 KV 11KV 415V 415V NIL
4 Numbers of Unit 1 1 1 1 1 1 Lot
5 Type Cast Resin Type Indoor, Metal Clad Vacuum Switchgear Vacuum Circuit Breaker Air Circuit Breaker Outdoor Installation, Product Model F10 NIL
6 Year of Installation
November -2013 October -2013 October -2013 NIL July- 2008 NIL
7 Any Other Detail Indoor, Cooling -Air Natural, Off load tap changer, Insulation class-F STC- 20kA for 3 seconds, BIL- 28KVRMS STC- 26.3 kA Capacity 1 incomer 630A, O/G SFU feeders- 3nos of 400 A, 2 nos of 250A, 1 no of 125A and 3 nos of 63A 250 KVA Stamford Alternator, Rated BHP- 306, Rated KW- 200 NIL

Terms and Conditions:

1. Bidders are requested to inspect the HT Panel, LT Panel, 400KVA Transformer and 250 KVA DG set and get acquainted with the conditions etc. before bidding in the E-auction. All the material will be lifted by buyer on "As is where is basis".

2. The participant can examine the HT Panel, LT Panel, 400KVA Transformer and 250 KVA DG set stationed at Reserve Bank of India, La-Gajjar Chamber, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad up to December 09, 2022 on Bank’s working days (Monday to Friday).

3. Live E-auction will be held on MSTC E-auction Portal on December 12, 2022 between 12:00 PM to 04:00 PM. The E-auction closing time will be automatically extended by eight minutes every time the last H-1 Bid is received within eight minutes of the predetermined or extended Closing Time. This process will continue till the last H-1 Bid remains unimproved for a minimum period of 8 (eight) minutes.

4. All expenses relating to charges for transportation, loading, unloading and insurance etc shall be borne by the successful bidder. No claim in respect of changes in any other taxes/ duties shall be entertained by the Bank.

5. Insurance: The successful bidder shall obtain “All Risk Policy” for the contract value and “workmen compensation policy” for the workers engaged in the work in the joint name of Reserve bank of India, Ahmedabad and the contractor. The successful bidder shall indemnify the Bank for any loss or damage that occurs to person/s or building or third party while executing the work. Third party liability in firm’s all risk policy shall be minimum ₹1 lakh per person for any one accident or occurrence and ₹5 lakhs in respect of damage to property for any one accident or occurrence.

6. Rate must be quoted exclusive of GST and TCS. GST rates as indicated in the e-auction catalogue are only indicative. Actual GST rates as applicable on the date of lifting shall be applicable. Bidders are required to satisfy themselves about GST rate and TCS rate through their own sources/means before bidding in this e-auction. No complaint from any bidder thereafter, regarding any variation will be entertained after the e-auction goes on live floor. Non-payment of sale proceeds on the ground of any discrepancy of GST rate and TCS rate will be treated as default and action as deemed fit including but not limited to forfeiture of EMD/SD will be taken against the bidder.

7. It is to be noted that shifting of captioned HT Panel, LT Panel, 400KVA Transformer and 250 KVA DG set will be undertaken through staircase only due to unavailability of lifts at La-Gajjar Chamber office premises.

8. Pre-bid Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of ₹19,500/- (Rupee nineteen thousand five hundred only) should be paid on MSTC E-auction Portal before participating in this auction.

9. HT Panel, LT Panel, 400KVA Transformer and 250 KVA DG set will be handed over to the successful bidder only after complete sale price is received by the Bank.

10. The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids without assigning any reasons therefor. The decision of the Bank in the matter shall be final and binding on all the bidders.

(Regional Director)