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With the transition to a market-based system for determining the external value of the Indian rupee the foreign exchange market in India gained importance in the early reform period.

Oct 31, 2022
Compounding Application Form and related document requirementsdownload document 336 kbPDF document 903 kb
Aug 24, 2015
Application cum Declaration for Purchase of Foreign Exchange under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme of USD 250,000download document 25 kbPDF document 11 kb
May 25, 2015
Contact Information Form for creation of User id-EDPMSdownload document 48 kbPDF document 37 kb
Export Declaration Formdownload document 213 kbPDF document 28 kb
Apr 08, 2015
Quarterly Statement – Details of Guarantees availed of from non-residents for fund and non-fund based facilities and details of guarantees invokeddownload document 27 kbPDF document 6 kb
Quarterly Statement – Statement of Guarantees/ Letter of undertaking/ Letter of Comfort issued by Authorized Dealer banks for Trade Creditsdownload document 29 kbPDF document 65 kb
Form 83 – Reporting of ECB loan agreement detailsdownload document 245 kbPDF document 218 kb
TC – Approvals of Trade Creditdownload document 46 kbPDF document 112 kb
Reporting of actual transactions of External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)download document 88 kbPDF document 21 kb
Application for raising External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) under Approval Routedownload document 67 kbPDF document 12 kb
Apr 07, 2015
Reporting of Outward Remittances under ESOPdownload document 43 kbPDF document 79 kb
Direct Investment in a Joint Venture (JV)/Wholly Owned Subsidiary Overseas (WOS) Approval/Reporting of Outward Remittancesdownload document 203 kbPDF document 34 kb
Mar 26, 2015
Annual Activity Certificate for LO/BOdownload document 23 kbPDF document 80 kb
Format of report to DG of Police for LO/BO/POdownload document 207 kbPDF document 183 kb
Format for Letter of Comfort for LO/BOdownload document 24 kbPDF document 50 kb
FNCdownload document 42 kbPDF document 26 kb
Mar 25, 2015
Return to be filed by Issuer/Transferor who has arranged issue/transfer of Depository Receiptsdownload document 87 kbPDF document 16 kb