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Problem Statements


The first hackathon “HARBINGER – 2021 – Innovation for Transformation” with the theme ‘Smarter Digital Payments’ invited innovative ideas for the following problem statements in the payments and settlement systems landscape:
  1. Innovative, easy-to-use, non-mobile digital payment solutions for converting small ticket cash transactions to digital mode.

  2. Context based retail payments to remove the physical act of payment from payment experience.

  3. Alternate authentication mechanism for digital payments.

  4. Social Media Analysis Monitoring tool for detection of digital payment fraud and disruption.


The second global hackathon “HARBINGER – 2023 – Innovation for Transformation” with the theme ‘Inclusive Digital Services’ has been launched in February 14, 2023 wherein the Reserve Bank has invited participants to develop solutions that have the potential to make digital financial services accessible to the differently abled, facilitate efficient compliance, extend the reach of Central Bank Digital Currencies and enhance the scalability of blockchains. The problem statements are as given below:

  1. Innovative, easy-to-use, digital banking services for differently abled (Divyaang).

  2. RegTech solutions to facilitate more efficient compliance by Regulated Entities (REs).

  3. Exploring use cases/solutions for CBDC-Retail transactions, including transactions in offline mode.

  4. Increasing Transactions Per Second (TPS)/ throughput and scalability of blockchains.