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Date : Jan 16, 2023
List of Abbreviations
ATB Auction Treasury Bill
AVGC Animation, Visual effects, Gaming and Comics
BE Budget Estimate
BFSI Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
BRAP Business Reform Action Plan
CAG Comptroller and Auditor General
CGST Central Goods and Services Tax
CO Capital Outlay
CPI Consumer Price Index
CSF Consolidated Sinking Fund
DA Dearness Allowance
DFM Dynamic Factor Model
EPF Employee Provident Funds
ESI Employees’ State Insurance
EV Electric Vehicle
FC-XV Fifteenth Finance Commission
FDI Foreign Direct Investment
FRL Fiscal Responsibility Legislation
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GFCF Gross Fixed Capital Formation
GFD Gross Fiscal Deficit
GMM Generalised Method of Moments
GRF Guarantee Redemption Fund
G-SAP G-sec Acquisition Programme
GSDP Gross State Domestic Product
GST Goods and Services Tax
GVA Gross Value Added
ICT Information and Communication Technology
IP Interest Payment
IRF Impulse Response Function
IT Information Technology
ITB Intermediate Treasury Bill
ITeS Information Technology enabled Service
LEADS Logistics Ease Across Different States
ML Maximum Likelihood
MSME Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
NITI National Institution for Transforming India
NSO National Statistics Office
NSSF National Small Savings Fund
NSSO National Sample Survey Organisation
OD Overdraft
OMO Open Market Operation
PA Provisional Account
PD Primary Deficit
PLFS Periodic Labour Force Survey
PPP Public Private Partnership
PVAR Panel Vector Autoregression
QPE Quality of Public Expenditure
R&D Research and Development
RBI Reserve Bank of India
RCO Real Capital Outlay
RD Revenue Deficit
RE Revised Estimate
RECO Revenue Expenditure to Capital Outlay
RR Revenue Receipt
SDF Special Drawing Facility
SDG Sustainable Development Goal
SDL State Development Loan
SFC State Finance Commission
SGS State Government Security
SGST State Goods and Services Tax
SPV Special Purpose Vehicle
TFP Total Factor Productivity
UT Union Territory
VAT Value Added Tax
VGF Viability Gap Funding
WAY Weighted Average Yield
WMA Ways and Means Advance