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Guidelines for Identifying Census Centres

Banks are required to furnish information on, inter alia, revenue centre (hereafter centre) of the concerned banking outlet (branch, office, ATM, etc.) along with its population as per. Census 2011 in proforma I / II. A Centre is defined as the revenue unit (and not just the locality) classified and delineated by the respective State Government, i.e., a revenue village/ city/ town/ municipality/ municipal corporation, etc., as the case may be, in which the branch is situated. The proforma information submitted by banks are incorporated in the bank-branch statistics system (also known as Master Office File (MOF) System) maintained at the RBI. Based on the size of the population, a centre, where bank branch is located, is classified either into rural, semi-urban, urban, or metropolitan as under:

  1. Rural: population less than 10,000

  2. Semi-Urban: 10,000 and above and less than 1 lakh

  3. Urban: 1 lakh and above and less than 10 lakh

  4. Metropolitan: 10 lakh and above

For the purpose of correct identification of a centre, at the first stage, banks should refer the administrative map prepared and used by the Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India while conducting Census 2011. This map in tabular text form, in the form of static geographical maps of districts displaying boundaries of sub-districts and position of villages/ towns at map and population at various granularities of geographies are available on their website (

At the second stage, banks should ensure that there are no geographical re-organisations (Merger/ split) in respect of States, Districts, Sub-districts (Tehsil, development block, etc.) and the revenue centre (village, city, town, etc.) made by the respective authorities (Central/ State Government) in respect of location of their interest. In order to capture the correct geographical location and its population group classification, the geographical reorganisation taken place till date (after census 2011) needs to be considered while reporting locational details (i.e., centre) of banking outlets to the Reserve Bank.

Banks may submit Gazette Notifications or notification issued by competent authority for such geographical reorganisation through e-mail. In case of any doubt, appropriate state level authorities (revenue/ land development/ forest/ etc. departments) responsible for supplying administrative map to Census authorities and involved in geographical reorganisation activities in the respective State, or Census authorities in the State, may be consulted. As such, for missing villages in Census data, state/ district/ sub-district level census authorities may be consulted about the inclusion of this village population in the particular revenue centre in Census 2011. Accordingly, revenue centre name may be mentioned. If a particular revenue village is missing in administrative map of Census thereby its population was not included in the Census 2011, a certificate from Census authorities may be obtained stating the name of particular revenue centre and its available population at the time of conduct of Census 2011. Clarifications may also be obtained from the Block Development Officer, Tehsildar, Municipality or Municipal Corporation Office or Office of the District Collector in this regard and also in respect of re-organisation of geographical locations.

Special Cases for Computing of Correct Population for Classifying a Centre in to Appropriate Population Group from Census Database

A. Centre spanning across two or more districts/ sub-districts

Guideline: Actual district/ sub-district of the part centre, where bank branch is located, should be reported in respective fields of the proforma. However, population group classification will be based on combined population of all parts of the centre. Till classification based on Census 2001 (i.e. before September 1, 2016), one centre spanned over multiple districts used to be treated as different centres depending on part of the centre falling in particular district. But one centre spread over multiple sub-districts used to be treated as one centre only. With effect from September 1, 2016 (i.e. effective date of implementation of Census 2011), for population group classification purpose, one centre spread across two or more districts/ sub-districts will uniformly be treated as one centre only. As such, population group classification of such centres would be based on combined population of the centre, arrived at by adding each part population of the centre across district/ sub-district as available from Census 2011 data.

Example (Centres across two or more districts)

i) Hyderabad: Center Hyderabad is spanned over three districts, viz., Rangareddi, Hyderabad, and Medak in the state of the Telangana with part populations of 3136259, 3718651, and 138082 respectively. As such, all parts of Hyderabad (in all the three districts) will be classified as metropolitan with population of the centre as 6993262 (3136259+3718651+138082=6993262). However, position of branches are required to be reported in the respective actual districts based on their location. Before September 1, 2016, part of Hyderabad falling under Medak district used to be classified as semi-urban.

Example (Centres across two tehsils):

ii) Chirmiri: This centre in district Koriyaspans over tehsils Baikunthpur and Khadganva with respective part populations sizes of 16016 and 69307. The classification of centre Chirmiri will be semi-urban based on the combined population 85323 (16016+69307 = 85323). The branches in part of Chirmiri will be shown in their respective Tehsils (Baikunthpur and Khadganva) depending on their actual position. Before, September 1, 2016, the Tehsils for all branches in centre Chirmiri used to be reported as Khadganva tehsil as population of Khadganvais more than that of Baikunthpur.

B. Outgrowths (OG) in Census Data

Guideline: Outgrowth is a part of a bigger centre to be considered as bigger centre only, not a separate center.


i) Jamalpore (OG) and Chovisi (OG) are the part of bigger centre Navsari in district Navsari in Gujarat. Therefore, the centre of the branches located at these OGs is Navsari.

ii) Khanpur (OG) and Lamin (OG) are the part of bigger centre Pathankot in district Pathankot in Punjab.

C. Cantonment Boards

Cantonment Boards (CBs) near to/ surrounded by big cities (List-1) will considered as a part of that big city. Therefore, branches falling under such CBs and big cities will be classified based on the combined population of the big city and the corresponding CB.The cantonments/ CBs those are treated as separate centres are given in List-2.

D. Delhi as a single centre

As per administrative map of Census 2011, there were two Municipal Corporations viz. Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMC)1 (subsequently trifurcated) & New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) and one cantonment board viz., Delhi Cantonment Board, are considered as separate centres in Delhi. However, for reporting of data to the RBI, all these centres will continued to be classified as single Centre as hitherto. Accordingly, the centres North Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Delhi Municipal Corporation, East Delhi Municipal Corporation, New Delhi Municipal Corporation and Delhi Cantonment Board will be treated as part of one bigger centre viz., “Delhi” and its classification based on combined population will be “Metropolitan”.

Banks should report correct centre name and population group classification of centres while seeking authorisation for opening of branches/offices in the respective centre from the Department of Banking Regulation (DBR)/ Department of Cooperative Banks’ Regulation (DCBR).

For information on banked centres, “Branch Locator” link available on may be referred to. The link is also accessible from RBI’s main website ( under the link (Statistics >> Database on Indian Economy).

In case banks need further clarification or information on methodology for identification of correct centres, they may refer the case to DSIM, CO at the following address.

The Director,
Reserve Bank of India,
Bank Branch Statistics Division,
Department of Statistics and Information Management, Central Office,
C-9, 6th Floor, Bandra-Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East) Mumbai - 400051.

Telephone: 022-26578100/8300 (Extn. 7360/ 7361/ 7362/ 7613)
Fax: 022-2657 0847

List-1 - List of Cantonment Boards/ Cantonments proposed to be merged with big cities and their revised population group classification
Sr. No. State District Sub District Cantonment Board/ Cantonment Name Population of CB 2011 Nearest city City Population Total Population of cantonment/ CB/ City Revised classification of cantonment/ CB/ City
1 Bihar Patna Dinapur-cum-khagaul Dinapur cantonment (cb) 28,723 Dinapur nizamat (nagar parishad) 182429 2,11,152 Urban
2 Gujarat Ahmadabad Ahmadabad city Ahmadabad cantonment (cb) 7,588 Ahmadabad (m corp.) 5633927 56,41,515 Metropolitan
3 Haryana Ambala Ambala Ambala cantt. (cb) 55,370 Ambala (m cl) 195153 2,50,523 Urban
4 Himachal pradesh Chamba Dalhousie Dalhousie (cb) 3,549 Dalhousie (m cl) 7051 10,600 Semi-urban
5 Jammu & kashmir Jammu Jammu Jammu cantt. (cb) 28,396 Jammu (m corp. + og) 576198 6,04,594 Urban
6 Karnataka Belgaum Belgaum Belgaum cantonment (cb) 19,411 Belgaum (m corp. + og) 490045 5,09,456 Urban
7 Kerala Kannur Kannur Kannur cantonment (cb) 4,798 Kannur (m) 56823 61,621 Semi-urban
8 Madhya pradesh Gwalior Gwalior (gird) Morar cantt (cb) 48,464 Gwalior (m corp.) 1054420 11,02,884 Metropolitan
9 Madhya pradesh Indore Mhow Mhow cantt (cb) 81,702 Mhowgaon (np) 30012 1,11,714 Urban
10 Madhya pradesh Jabalpur Jabalpur Jabalpur cantt (cb) 72,261 Jabalpur (m corp. + og) (part) 1081677 11,53,938 Metropolitan
11 Madhya pradesh Sagar Sagar Sagar cantt (cb) 40,513 Sagar (m corp. + og) 274556 3,15,069 Urban
12 Maharashtra Ahmadnagar Nagar Ahmadnagar (cb) 28,986 Ahmadnagar (m corp.) 350859 3,79,845 Urban
13 Maharashtra Aurangabad Aurangabad Aurangabad (cb) 18,051 Aurangabad (m corp.) 1175116 11,93,167 Metropolitan
14 Maharashtra Nagpur Kamptee Kamptee (cb) 12,457 Kamptee (m cl) 86793 99,250 Semi-urban
15 Maharashtra Pune Pune city Kirkee (cb) 78,684 Pune (m corp.) 3124458 32,74,923 Metropolitan
16 Maharashtra Pune Pune city Pune (cb) 71,781 Pune (m corp.) 3124458 32,74,923 Metropolitan
17 Meghalaya East khasi hills Mylliem Shillong (cb) 11,930 Shillong (mb) 143229 1,55,159 Urban
18 Nct of delhi New delhi Delhi cantonment Delhi cantonment (cb) (part) 1,01,704 Dmc (u)+ ndmc 11292358 1,14,02,709 Metropolitan
19 Nct of delhi New delhi Vasant vihar Delhi cantonment (cb) (part) 8,647 Dmc (u)+ ndmc 11292358 1,14,02,709 Metropolitan
20 Punjab Amritsar Amritsar -i Amritsar cantt. (cb) 10,410 Amritsar (m corp. + og) (part) 1159227 11,69,637 Metropolitan
21 Punjab Firozpur Firozpur Firozpur cantt (cb) 53,199 Firozpur (m cl) 110313 1,63,512 Urban
22 Punjab Jalandhar Jalandhar - i Jalandhar cantt. (cb) 47,845 Jalandhar (m corp. + og) (part) 868929 9,16,774 Urban
23 Telangana Hyderabad Tirumalagiri Secunderabad (CB) 2,17,910 GHMC (M Corp. + OG) 6993262 72,11,172 Metropolitan
24 Uttar pradesh Agra Agra Agra (cb) 53,053 Agra (m corp.) 1585704 16,38,757 Metropolitan
25 Uttar pradesh Allahabad Allahabad Allahabad (cb) 26,944 Allahabad (m corp. + og) 1168385 11,95,329 Metropolitan
26 Uttar pradesh Bareilly Bareilly Bareilly (cb) 30,003 Bareilly (m corp. + og) 904797 9,34,800 Urban
27 Uttar pradesh Faizabad Faizabad Faizabad (cb) 12,391 Faizabad (npp) 165228 1,77,619 Urban
28 Uttar pradesh Farrukhabad Farrukhabad Fatehgarh (cb) 14,793 Farrukhabad-cum-fatehgarh (npp) 276581 2,91,374 Urban
29 Uttar pradesh Jhansi Jhansi Jhansi (cb) 28,343 Jhansi (m corp.) 505693 5,34,036 Urban
30 Uttar pradesh Kanpur nagar Kanpur Kanpur (cb) 1,08,534 Kanpur (m corp. + og) 2768057 28,76,591 Metropolitan
31 Uttar pradesh Lucknow Lucknow Lucknow (cb) 63,003 Lucknow (m corp.) 2817105 28,80,108 Metropolitan
32 Uttar pradesh Mathura Mathura Mathura (cb) 25,681 Mathura (npp) 349909 3,75,590 Urban
33 Uttar pradesh Meerut Meerut Meerut (cb) 93,312 Meerut (m corp.) 1305429 13,98,741 Metropolitan
34 Uttar pradesh Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur (cb) 18,116 Shahjahanpur (npp) 329736 3,47,852 Urban
35 Uttar pradesh Varanasi Varanasi Varanasi (cb) 14,119 Varanasi (m corp.) 1198491 12,12,610 Metropolitan
36 Uttarakhand Almora Almora Almora (cb) 1,391 Almora (npp) 34122 35,513 Semi-urban
37 Uttarakhand Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun (cb) 52,716 Dehradun (m.corp + og) 574840 6,27,556 Urban
38 Uttarakhand Hardwar Roorkee Roorkee (cb) 14,689 Roorkee (npp) 118200 1,32,889 Urban
39 Uttarakhand Nainital Nainital Nainital (cb) 1,398 Nainital (npp) 41377 42,775 Semi-urban
40 West bengal North twenty four parganas Area not under any sub-district Barrackpur cantonment (cb) 17,380 Barrackpore (m) 152783 1,70,163 Urban
Note: Delhi Cantonment (CB) Is Spred Over Two Sub Districts Viz. Delhi Cantonment And Vasant Vihar

List-2 - List of Cantonment Boards/ Cantonments proposed to treat as separate centres
Sr. No. State District Sub District Cantonment Board/ Cantonment Name Population 2011 MOF Classification
1 Himachal Pradesh Chamba Bhattiyat Bakloh (CB) 1,805 Rural
2 Himachal Pradesh Shimla Shimla ( Rural ) Jutogh (CB) 2,062 Rural
3 Himachal Pradesh Solan Solan Dagshai (CB) 2,904 Rural
4 Uttarakhand Dehradun Dehradun Landaur (CB) 3,539 Rural
5 Himachal Pradesh Solan Solan Sabathu (CB) 3,685 Rural
6 Himachal Pradesh Solan Kasauli Kasauli (CB) 3,885 Rural
7 West Bengal Paschim Medinipur Midnapore Khasjangal Cantonment 4,080 Rural
8 Uttarakhand Dehradun Chakrata Chakrata (CB) 5,117 Rural
9 Uttarakhand Pauri Garhwal (Garhwal) Lansdowne Lansdowne (CB) 5,667 Rural
10 Himachal Pradesh Kangra Dharmsala Yol (CB) 12,028 Semi-Urban
11 Madhya Pradesh Hoshangabad Pipariya Pachmarhi Cantt (CB) 12,062 Semi-Urban
12 Uttarakhand Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet (CB) 18,886 Semi-Urban
13 Tamil Nadu The Nilgiris Coonoor Wellington (CB) 19,462 Semi-Urban
14 Jammu & Kashmir Srinagar Srinagar (North) Badami Bagh (CB) 22,214 Semi-Urban
15 Uttarakhand Dehradun Dehradun Clement Town (CB) 22,557 Semi-Urban
16 Uttar Pradesh Jhansi Jhansi Babina (CB) 27,852 Semi-Urban
17 Tamil Nadu Kancheepuram Alandur St.Thomas Mount-cum-Pallavaram (CB) 43,795 Semi-Urban
18 Maharashtra Pune Haveli Dehu Road (CB) 48,961 Semi-Urban
19 Rajasthan Ajmer Nasirabad Nasirabad (CB) 50,804 Semi-Urban
20 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Deolali (CB) 54,027 Semi-Urban
21 Jharkhand Ramgarh Ramgarh Ramgarh Cantonment (CB) 88,781 Semi-Urban

1 Post Census 2011, Delhi Municipal Corporation has been trifurcated into North Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Delhi Municipal Corporation and East Delhi Municipal Corporation