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Date : Feb 09, 2024
Minutes of the Pre-Bid Meeting - Annual Maintenance Contract & Facility Management Service for Computer Hardware, Software & Peripherals at Reserve Bank of India, Patna

DIT Cell, RBI Patna Regional Office has floated tender (Tender No. RBI/Patna Regional Office/Others/2/23-24/ET/450 [AMC and FMS]) on MSTC on January 31, 2024, for AMC/FMS for Computer Hardware, Software, and peripherals.

2. In this connection, a pre-bid meeting has been conducted on February 07, 2024, at 03:00 PM, the following members participated in the meeting:

I. Participants from RBI, Patna:

S.N. Name of the RBI Officials Designation
1 Shri Amit Kumar Deputy General Manager
2 Shri Kishan Kumar Assistant Manager
3 Shri Mithilesh Kumar Sr. Assistant
4 Shri Suman Kumar Roy Assistant

II. Representatives from various Companies/ firms

S.N. Name of the Representative Designation Company/ firm Mode
1 Shri Shyam Kumar Project Manager Puthur Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Offline
2 Shri Anup Kumar Bharti Operation In-charge Accel IT services
3 Shri Himanshu Mandal Service Manager Megamax Services Pvt. Ltd.
4 Shri Harendra Singh Manager Cano Corp International
5 Ms. Sayantika Mukherjee Service Delivery Executive Kaizen IT Services Pvt. Ltd. Online (Webex)

3. Further, various queries related to the clauses/requirements as per tender document were raised by the participating representatives of different companies which were answered by DIT officials. Details of such queries raised by the representatives and the clarifications thereto are furnished as Annexure - I.

Annexure - I

Clarifications to the queries raised by the representatives of the participating firms:

Sl. No. Clause Detail Queries raised Clarification
1 Section II, para (6) Page No. 27 What should be the address proof/certificate for full fledge service center and local office at Patna? The tenderer may submit, trade license, or rent agreement or any other relevant document which may support the clause.
2 Annexure – IV, Page No. 43 Format of Client certificate regarding performance of vendor? As prescribed in tender document as Annexure-IV or its equivalent with seal, signature on letter head of the client. E-mail id and phone number of client must be specified on letter head.
3 Annexure – XI, Page No. 52 Query on Qualification of team leader? As per the compliance matrix [Annexure-XI], the team leader should be a B.Tech in Computer Science / Master of Computer Application with 3 years’ experience or M.Sc.(IT) with 6 years’ experience in reputed IT companies.
4 Para 12.16, Page No. 15 Whether the cost of conveyance of shifting of IT assets from The Bank to any other location will be borne by vendor or The Bank. As per para 12.16 (c) of the tender document, The vendor should provide necessary support for shifting and setting up the IT Hardware /Peripherals in any of the Premises, as mentioned in the Annexure-A, or any other location of Bank’s interest/activity within the jurisdiction of RBI, Patna. In such cases, transport arrangements will be made by this office.
5 Annexure – VII, Page No. 48 The submission of Bankers' Solvency Certificate from a Scheduled Bank is necessary during technical bids? The bankers’ solvency certificate from a Scheduled Bank may be submitted before awarding the work.