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Date : Feb 12, 2024
Minutes of Pre-bid Meeting - Providing Catering services and Maintenance of Officers’ Lounge & Dining Room (OLDR) at RBI, MOB/AOB, Nagpur and Supply of Tea/Coffee at MOB /AOB, Nagpur

A Pre-bid Meeting on captioned tender i.e. RBI/Nagpur Regional Office/HRMD/1/23-24/ET/362, published on MSTC and on RBI Website on January 10, 2024 and subsequent Corrigendum published on January 23, 2024 was held at 11:00 am on February 07, 2024 in Training Hall, Main Office Building, RBI Nagpur.

The Following members attended the meeting.

S No. Name of RBI Official Designation
1. Smt. Lakshmi M L Assistant General Manger
2. Shri G B Nandanwar Assistant General Manger
3. Shri Vivek Patidar Manager
4. Ms. Neelam Kadam Assistant Manager
5. Shri Satyam Singh Assistant

Following agencies and their representatives participated in the meeting.

S No. Name of Representative Name of Agency
1. Shri Aslam L Sheikh M/s Mazda Caterer
2. Shri Kalidas L. More M/s Accurate Enterprises
3. Shri Anand L Tembhurne M/s Anand L Tembhurne
4. Shri Ashish Ambade M/s Vidarbha Industrial Services
5. Shri S.G. Gurang M/s S.G. Gurang
6. Shri Kirti Janani M/s Shreeji Caterers

At the outset, the participants were briefed over the Corrigendum issued on the RBI website on January 23, 2024, with regards to captioned tender. It was again clarified during the meeting, that due to an inadvertent error in formula, the tenderers were advised only to enter the rate per unit of each lot as per their calculation and not to consider the overall cost of the tender shown in the portal. It was also made clear during the meeting that the overall cost of the tender will be calculated manually to arrive at L1.

The queries raised by the representatives and the clarification given by RBI officials are indicated as under: -

S No. Queries Raised Clarification
1 Should GST be included while quoting the price? Yes, the price quoted shall be inclusive of GST.
2. (A) Whether RBI bears the cost of wages to be paid to staff of Contractor? The fixed cost of labour/staff of Contractor as defined at Row I of Financial Bid will be reimbursed on actual basis on production of proof of payment as per the statutory rates. No reimbursement will be made for non-statutory payment even if quoted in the price bid.
  (B) Shall the minimum wages (Row I) be part of Financial Bid for arriving at L1? No. However, no bidder shall quote zero in Row No I as the same indicates mandatory payment for workers. All such bids mentioning zero value in Row I stands automatically cancelled without any further communication with the bidder. As it is explicitly mentioned in the tender document the lowest tender shall be decided only on the basis of total Annual Quoted price of food items (Row II) and shall be identified as L1
3. How & when will the police verification and health checkup of staffs will be done? The contractor has to arrange for submission of medical check-up from any Government hospital and police verification of the antecedents of staff engaged in the bank at its own cost.
4. What will be the consumption pattern? Please refer to Section II- Scope of Work -> para 2.1 of Tender document.
5. Who will provide the required crockeries and furniture & fixtures? The bank will be providing all the required crockeries and furniture & fixtures. The maintenance cost of the same will also be borne by the Bank. In addition, the regular servicing & maintenance of gas burners will also be done by the Bank. However, procurement and the cost of gas cylinder has to be borne by the caterer.
6. What are the necessary documents to be submitted for the bid? Please refer Page No 11-12 of the Tender document i.e. Checklist of Documents to be submitted with the tender. Any such bids with incomplete documents is liable to be rejected.