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Date : Dec 19, 2008
Annual Business Plan - Annex IV Information to be submitted along with Annual Business Plan

Name of the bank:

1. Medium Term policy for branch expansion programme of the bank

Bank may furnish details of the proposed Medium Term Policy for its branch expansion inclusive of branches & ATMs for a period of 3 years

2. Expected level of business in the next 3 years-

a. Deposits

b. Advances

3. Expected level of capital augmentation required for the branch expansion and measures proposed to meet the same in order to maintain CRAR at a minimum of 10% on a continuous basis

4. Technology implementation

a. No. of branches fully computerised

b. No. of branches with net work connectivity

c. No. of branches with Core Banking Solution (CBS)

The bank may also submit a brief write-up on the existing technological infrastructure, various technology initiatives undertaken and the proposed enhancement/upgradation of technology for achieving its business goals in the medium term.

5. Measures to promote financial inclusion

6. Steps proposed to be taken by the bank to ensure that the quality of customer service does not get adversely affected due to expansion of branches.

7. Details of complaints received and disposed of during the last two years

8. Measures proposed by the bank to address the following issues arising out of scaling up of operations due to the proposed branch expansion-

    1. internal control and audit
    2. Housekeeping and reconciliation
    3. Other areas of Operational risk
    4. HR issues

9. Any other information