What's New

RBI appoints Dr. Rajiv Ranjan as new Executive Director
RBI appoints Dr. Sitikantha Pattanaik as new Executive Director
Regulations Review Authority (RRA 2.0) – Recommendations for Withdrawal of Circulars
38th Half Yearly Report on Management of Foreign Exchange Reserves: October - March, 2021-22
RBI imposes Monetary Penalty on Unimoni Financial Services Limited
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) for Borrowers
Master Direction – Credit Card and Debit Card – Issuance and Conduct Directions, 2022
Large Exposures Framework for Non-Banking Financial Company - Upper Layer (NBFC-UL)
Issue and regulation of share capital and securities - State Co-operative Banks and District Central Co-operative Banks
Limits for investment in debt and sale of Credit Default Swaps by Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs)
Disclosures in Financial Statements- Notes to Accounts of NBFCs
Scale Based Regulation (SBR) for NBFCs: Capital requirements for Non-Banking Finance Companies – Upper Layer (NBFC-UL)
Loans and Advances – Regulatory Restrictions - NBFCs
Basel III Framework on Liquidity Standards – Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR)
Compliance Function and Role of Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) - NBFCs
RBI Increases Market Trading Hours
Review of SLR holdings in HTM category
RBI releases the results of Forward Looking Surveys
Individual Housing Loans – Rationalisation of Risk Weights
RBI to operationalise Standing Deposit facility (SDF)
Monetary Policy Report – April 2022
Statement on Developmental and Regulatory Policies
Monetary Policy Statement, 2022-23 Resolution of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) April 6-8, 2022
Governor’s Statement: April 8, 2022
Processing and Settlement of Small Value Export and Import related payments facilitated by Online Export-Import Facilitators - Draft Guidelines for Comments
RBI releases Guidelines on Establishment of Digital Banking Units (DBUs)
Indicative Calendar of Market borrowings by State Governments/ Union Territories for the Quarter April - June 2022
Review of Requirement of Counter-Cyclical Capital Buffer
Master Circular – Basel III Capital Regulations
Master Circular - Prudential Norms on Capital Adequacy - Primary (Urban) Co-operative Banks (UCBs)